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Roof Replacement in Exeter

The community of Exeter bills itself as ‘The Home of the White Squirrel’ due to the proliferation of the unusual coloured mammals in the area. The mascot, ‘Willis the White Wonder,’ makes appearances all year long in the community and has been a staple at the Exeter Rodeo and Canada Day Celebrations for many years.

When the residents of the community need a roof replacement in Exeter, they don’t go ‘squirrely,’ they call us at AM Roofing Solutions. For any roof replacement in Exeter we use brand name materials and the best installers that can be found in Huron County to produce the best results for a roof replacement in Exeter.

When you are looking for a contractor for your roof replacement in Exeter, you don’t want to be ‘up a tree,’ at the mercy of the first contract you call for roof replacement in Exeter – so develop a data base to help make an informed decision for the contractor you hire. The first thing on the agenda is to find someone local for your roof replacement in Exeter to give you a sense of the type of work the contractor is capable of and whether there is a reference involved from the previous job.

Next on the list of items to confirm for a roof replacement in Exeter comes in the form of a business license and insurance for a roof replacement in Exeter. All legitimate contractors hold licensing and insurance and can supply recent proof of both should the occasion arise.

Once you have navigated the bureaucratic requirements of a roof replacement in Exeter, you want to know about the labour for the work, specifically if the work is going to be farmed out to a third party for completion of the roof replacement in Exeter.

Once the staffing issue is out of the way, ask about warranties for materials and labour for the work. The supplier always guarantees his materials and the contractor should have some type of a labour warranty for the work he will provide. The standard for both warranties starts at five years and run longer depending on product and contractor.

To bring the consultation to meaningful conclusion, the contractor will supply a written estimate for the work that will be done on the roof. If you don’t get a written estimate for the work, you could go ‘nuts’ when you get a bill that isn’t what was discussed.

Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, has been providing s solid a foundation to build a business deal on through communication and attention to detail that helps every homeowner make a thoughtful decision.

In our time in the roofing business – 60 years – that is combined three generations of family powering the work and you can see that we are the only contractor to call when a roof needs help. When we complete any roofing job, we provide the customer with a 10-year warranty as insurance should anything go wrong after the fact.

We’ve been asked many times: How do you know you have problems on the roof?

First thing we tell people is to do a little investigating and that starts with a ladder and trip to the roof. If you see the shingles are loose, or are missing, water stains at downspout or leaks in the attic, it is time to make a call to a contractor. Our service tech will respond to your call and find all the offending problems and deliver a concise solution that will be supported by a written estimate for the work. When we inspect a roofing system, we would be remiss in our responsibility if we didn’t examine the attic insulation.

Attic insulation is the shingles’ best friend, because the insulation prevents heat from damaging shingles through leakage. The insulation acts a barrier to keep heat in the house and away from the roof. Through over exposure to heat, shingles become dry and cracked and that in turn places greater stress on other aspects of the roofing system and creates higher costs to repair should the problem not be treated.

We can show you many different types of shingle products that are colourful to match your home’s colour scheme. We have composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles and shakes); and metal roof coverings to meet your style and budget needs.

For a no-cost analysis of your roofing system that will be provided with a free written estimate, call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Exeter

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