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Roof Replacement in Dutton

The history of the province of Ontario is intertwined with the railroad tracks and many small communities didn’t become thriving hubs of economic activity until a railway company set down tracks through their community. Dutton, like many communities in southwestern Ontario has a history that tells that very story. Sure they had a mill and agriculture and forestry, but the railroad put the community on the map. Residents in the community have built and renovated homes and when the time comes – inevitable – for a roof replacement in Dutton, AM Roofing Solutions is on the right track.

Many things set us apart from our competitors, but the best roofing products and staff to complete the job keep us head and shoulders above our competition for any roof replacement in Dutton.  

Before you leave the station for a roof replacement in Dutton, you need to develop some knowledge with regard to hiring a roofing contractor for your roof replacement in Dutton. You don’t want a contractor from Timbuktu, you need somebody closer to home to provide advantages to the homeowner like a potential review of previous work tendered for a roof replacement in Dutton. References can tip the scales for any home renovation project and if the contractor has positive references for any previous work it can help make the decision.

Scrupulous contractors carry some form of insurance and municipal licensing to provide a roof replacement in Dutton and it goes without saying that the contractor would provide proof of both items when you are in the interview phase for you search for a qualified contractor.

When reviewing potential candidates for your roof replacement in Dutton, it is important to hire a contractor that maintains a crew for any roof replacement in Dutton as a matter of course. It increases the dependability factor should something need to be addressed after the job is completed. If a contractor uses a sub contractors, reliability could be limited if the need arise to have them back to correct any mistakes that have been made.

For a roof replacement in Dutton, you want cost certainty and the only way to get it is with a written estimate to cover any and all activities that occur on your roof. If you don’t get an estimate, costs can be inflated and you have no recourse as you have no estimate to guarantee the price.

When our company provides a roof replacement in Dutton, we meet all obligations required for our customers and there are no surprises waiting when the job is concluded.

In the six decades we have been practicing our trade, our three generations of family have learned a thing or two about our business. Never promise something you can’t do and the work you do provide should be the best you can give no matter what the price. When we replace your roof we will provide you with a 10-year labour guarantee that demonstrates our commitment to the workmanship that is the foundation of our reputation.

If you look, your roof will send you signals to tell you when there is trouble with the shingles or leaks. Missing shingles can wreak havoc for a roofing system because it exposes decking to the weather – something decking isn’t made for. Eavestroughs that don’t move water and leaks in the downspouts are indications that roofing work is needed right away and time is of the essence.

A call to AM Roofing Solutions will see a roof tech attend your home to provide with an inspection of your roofing system to determine the condition of the materials and what needs to be done. He will divulge all the problems and orchestrate solutions to remediate the situation and then draw up an estimate to hold the price.

To make the job complete, shingles will need to chosen for your roof replacement and we have a large inventory of materials for your perusal. Composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal coverings can adorn your home when you shop with us.

For a no-obligation get-together and free inspection that includes an estimate, call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Dutton

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