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Roof Replacement in Dorchester

Many small-town communities in Ontario hold a fall fair and Dorchester falls in that line with their Dorchester Fair that is held every Thanksgiving weekend. Like many fairs they have agricultural exhibits as a tip of the cap to the past and new exhibits like Art in Barn to demonstrate a certain progressiveness that has enveloped the community.

When artisans and entrepreneurs need a roof replacement in Dorchester, they run the Michelangelo of roofing, AM Roofing Solutions. We may not be painting frescos on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but we can certainly lay down shingles like a mater painter when we provide a roof replacement in Dorchester.

We come by our success honestly, we use the best materials money can buy and hire the top roofing installers in the area to create a masterpiece when it comes to a roof replacement in Dorchester.

If subtle brush strokes create a painting to display in an art gallery, subtlety in choosing a contractor for your roof replacement in Dorchester is a must. You need to have a grasp of the task at hand and then be able to execute on the details that have come to the surface.

Looking for a local contractor for a roof replacement in Dorchester would seem like a logical place to start your journey. A contractor who has provided a roof replacement in Dorchester will be able to show off his work like viewing a painting and you can derive a sense of confidence when you see previous work.

Any reputable roofing company will have registration and insurance to cover their activities that surround a roof replacement in Dorchester and should be able to produce verification on demand when requested.

The next line of questions for the contractor involves staffing for your roof replacement in Dorchester. Most, if not all four-season companies employ their won crews for a roof replacement in Dorchester and those who don’t use sub contractors. It can be troublesome to use a sub contractor because they aren’t always available to stand behind the work they do and that can be a problem for a homeowner.

Warranties can be a double-edged sword for a homeowner and it is important to understand how the labour warranty form the installer works and what the terms and conditions of the materials warranty are. Any contractor will go to great pains to explain both warranties and if after the explanation you aren’t satisfied you are free to walk away from the deal.

A written estimate for a roof replacement in Dorchester goes without saying to protect a homeowner with locked-in costs and rights and responsibilities defined in writing. The estimate eliminates confusion and sets the work on a clear path to completion.

We have a positive track record when it comes to meeting the concerns of potential customers and our 60 years experience has provided us with all the knowledge we need to meet any roofing challenge that your home may pose.

Over those 60 years in business, our family has been a mainstay of our work and they efforts they have produced created many successful roof replacements. In addition to quality workmanship, we provide a 10-year labour warranty for our work and it at the head of the class for roofing companies.

When a roofing system is becoming run down, it is tough to spot because it is a slow-motion process most of the time. You may find a shingle here or there or see water running over an eavestrough during a rainstorm and think nothing of it, as you may not have the knowledge of roofing damage and how it occurs.

Consulting with AM Roofing Solutions will see our service tech come to your abode to sleuth out the problems with a keen eye and then a rehabilitation plan for roof can be developed after the investigation. Our staff member will be able to explain the problems and how we can rectify them in simple to understand verbiage and produce a written estimate as our commitment to the work.

The final step of team member will take lead tot the attic for insulation inspection. Insulation is your shingles best friend and if you don’t have enough you are imperiling the health of your shingles. Adequate insulation keeps heat in the house, if you don’t have it, heat will leak to the shingles and cause damage almost immediately.

To cap off your roof replacement you need to choose from an array of shingle products that we have available. Composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal coverings are possible when you shop in our showroom.

Book a consultation today with us at AM Roofing Solutions by calling 1.877.281.6900 for a no cost evaluation and free estimate.  

Roof Replacement in Dorchester

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