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Roof Replacement in Chatham-Kent

The community of Chatham-Kent sits on the banks of Thames River in southwestern Ontario that takes its’ name from the original town in England that was settled by immigrants from England back in the early 1800’s. The economic backbone of the community then as now is in agriculture and when a farm or residential home needs a roof replacement in Chatham-Kent, AM Roofing Solutions is there to help.

We have developed a stellar reputation as a roofing contractor, with over five decades of service and every roof replacement in Chatham-Kent will be of the highest quality with the best workmanship that our industry can offer. All of our installers have training and certification to provide a roof replacement in Chatham-Kent and chances are they could be your friends and neighbours as we recruit local workers for local work. Our commitment to quality workmanship is beyond reproach; a 10-year workmanship warranty accompanies every roof replacement in Chatham-Kent, a warranty that our founder instituted when he first began roof replacements when he formed our company. In our vast experience we have worked on homes that are turn of the century right through to new design, custom built homes and we have a roofing system to serve every home.

If your not a construction engineer, finding the right roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Chatham-Kent could be as hard as finding a needle in haystack. To purchase a roof replacement in Chatham-Kent a set of criteria should be developed to help keep you on track to make the best decision for your roof replacement in Chatham-Kent.

Check around in your community and develop of pool of potential roofing contractors to choose from. A local company should have a base of work that they have completed when providing a roof replacement in Chatham-Kent and the results will speak for themselves. Also, a local roofing contractor provides a security blanket should something go wrong and will be available to replace any defective materials or flaws in the workmanship that might occur.

Roofing contractors are like any other trades groups, they are required to carrying licensing to validate them as legitimate and all contractors will have some type of liability insurance in case of an accident.

Aftermarket warranties on products and services provided by a roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Chatham-Kent falls into to different categories. The materials used by the roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Chatham-Kent are warrantied by the manufacturer and the roofing contractor covers the workmanship warranty and many roofing contractors have a standard three-year warranty.

All companies look for ways to maximize profits, some use third parties to provide services and roofing contractors are no different. Some may use sub contractor to provide a roof replacement in Chatham-Kent that could lead to a break down in job performance and a less than quality roof replacement in Chatham-Kent.

As you transition through your mental list, the last thing on your mind before you purchase a roof replacement in Chatham-Kent is the price. When a roofing contractor provides the price, it should come in the form of a written estimate for your roof replacement in Chatham-Kent. The estimate will contain all costs and in effect lock the price in for your roof replacement in Chatham-Kent.

Inspecting our roofing system is never a top-of-mind detail until we find a shingle on the lawn. Missing shingles or damaged shingles are ineffective in ensuring a watertight seal for your roof – the job that they were designed to do – and water stains in your home or outside means that a roof replacement in Chatham-Kent should be contemplated without delay.

The last point of contention when determining a roof replacement in Chatham-Kent is the attic insulation, if the insulation is thin of non-existent the shingles will bear the brunt of heat buildup in the attic and they will expire long before their end of life span.

Our consultant will look at the condition of your roofing system after a detailed inspection and present his findings for a roof replacement in Chatham-Kent that will have options built into the free estimate.

Options for shingles – asphalt or fiberglass – come in wide swath of colours to match home’s exterior. Cedar shakes or shingles are another option to choose from, as is a metal roofing system for your roof replacement in Chatham-Kent.

In Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas, call us today toll-free at 1.877.289.6900 for a no obligation review of your roofing system.

Roof Replacement in Chatham-Kent

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