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Roof Replacement in Camlachie

On the shores of Lake Huron, sits a small community known as Camlachie and a local resident has taken to an interesting way of decorating the exterior of his home. The resident has taken rocks out of the lake close the shore and has applied then to the outbuildings on his property and the house, giving it a ‘stoned’ look. The decorating has created quite a stir and it has become a local tourist attraction that brings people from all over the area to look at the ‘rocky’ house.

The local man hasn’t started to put rocks on the top of his house as roof replacement in Camlachie, he like other residents, contact AM Roofing to provide that service when the time comes.

When you do a call AM Roofing Solutions, know that we a re committed to the local economy because we use only local installers to provide your roof replacement in Camlachie and we big believers in empowering local communities. The local people who work with us are top-notch roofing technicians and provide excellent workmanship for your roof replacement in Camlachie that will stand up to the elements.

Knowledge is power when it comes to hiring a contractor for your roof replacement in Camlachie and it never hurts to do a little research before you hire a contractor. Right out of the gate, you want a local contractor for your roof replacement in Camlachie because it will provide a reference point for the work that has been done and if any references are available.

Insurance and local licenses are very important when you are separating the contractors from the seasonal roofers for your roof replacement in Camlachie. Meeting administrative goals legitimizes a contractor and you can rest easy when you can confirm that fact for your roof replacement in Camlachie. Personnel choice is very important when evaluating a contractor – ask if he uses a crew of his choice or whether the work will be outsourced for your roof replacement in Camlachie. If the contractor you are meeting with is sub contracting, it might not work in your best interests should something go wrong after the fact and someone has to come back correct any problems that have arisen.

Price point is always a huge concern for any roof replacement in Camlachie and written estimate with all costs included in a homeowner’s protection against any costs that come to the fore during the job. That should come without question and any contractor not offering an estimate should be avoided.

AM Roofing Solutions has been allaying fears for concerned roofing consumers for the past 60 years and our family – three generations and counting – have been guaranteeing our work with a 10-year workmanship warranty that is now standard operating policy for many roofing companies across Ontario.

After you have taken the decision to use us for roof replacement, you can expect a visit from one of our experts to examine the condition of the roof. If you have cracked, curled or missing shingles, water damage or stains or problems with the fascia it may be time to make the necessary repairs. Our staff member will spot the problems quickly and provide an explanation of the problems; solutions and costs in a written estimate in easy to understand language so there is no confusion later.

Also, our service tech will want to take a look in your attic to address your insulation situation. Sounds odd, right? Well, here’s why, you need proper insulation. It stops heat from emanating to the shingles and causing damage. When shingles are damaged they fail to protect the roofing system and that in turn can create structural problems later if water is allowed to leak into the roofing system.

Shopping for a roof covering is no different than shopping for, say flooring. We have many different materials to choose from – composite, asphalt, cedar shakes or shingles and metallic coverings are available in different colours and styles for you to choose from.

To make arrangements to get the ball rolling for new roofing system, contact us at ARS today at 1.877.281.6900 for your free roof evaluation.

Roof Replacement in Camlachie

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