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Roof Repair in West Lorne

If you live in Canada, like most of do, you are well-versed in seasonal changes that come as we move from summer to fall and fall to winter and then winter to spring. With each change in weather patterns, we experience a different type of weather and sometimes it for the worst. Here in southern and southwestern Ontario, we experience windstorms that for the most part can wreak havoc. Power outages from downed power lines are a problem that municipalities must contend with, as is damage to homes and business from flying debris of a big, bad, gale force wind that will cause all sorts of carnage. Insurance claims certainly do spike during weather events like this and it means homeowners will be faced with repairs to their homes and businesses. Collateral damage like car accidents comes from traffic signals malfunctioning and then lives are put at risk with the inevitable injuries that come with car accidents.

If you had damage done to your roof during one of these weather events a roof repair in West Lorne is the only thing that will restore your roof to the state it was in before the weather event. A weather event like a windstorm can do a large amount of damage to the roofing system, from the shingles to tree branches crashing into the roofing structure, it means a roof repair in West Lorne will need to be made. If we don’t act on damage created by the storms we experience our roofing system will pay the price if we don’t provide a roof repair in West Lorne. The damage can let water move unfettered into the roofing system and then a bigger roof repair in West Lorne will need to be made to the affected areas. When that is the case, you need a roofing contractor for a roof repair in West Lorne and it is difficult to know whom to hire. The problem is easily solved when you call us at AM Roofing Solutions to make the roof repair in West Lorne that you need to get over the damage a weather event can cause. We have many years experience in the roofing business – over 60-years in – and we have some of the most skilled tradesmen in employed to provide a roof repair in West Lorne. Working side by side with our journeymen is our family – for the past three generations, they have made the effort necessary to provide a quality roof repair in West Lorne, and our company is well known for quality workmanship they provide. Backing up our quality work is a warranty that sets the pace in our industry – we provide a homeowner with a 10-year warranty for labour for the work we do and it is what our competitors have emulated when they discovered our blanket of protection for a homeowner.

Roof repair in West Lorne; get acquainted with your roof

  • If you need a roof repair in West Lorne, your roof will be the one to tell you when based on the condition of the systems that operate a roofing system. We’ll start with the shingles; as they are the first things you see on a roof. The shingles – if they are good shape they will be a rectangle and cover the tarpaper and decking on the roof. Shingles perform two functions – they act as a cover for the roofing system and they move water to the ground. If the shingles are in good condition, they won't be cracked, have corners that are disappearing due to erosion or are missing altogether. Those symptoms will constitute a repair for your roofing system to protect it against future degradation.
  • Another part of the roofing system that needs to be working efficiently is the valleys that get the water movement started from the top of the roof to the rain gutters. It is more than important there be no flat spots in the valleys – if there are flat spots it is a problem that can serious consequences. First off, water will be drawn to the flat spots and sit until it evaporates or drains into the roofing system, second a flat spot indicates a structural fault in the roofing system and it is water that caused it. The supports have gotten wet through a leak in the system and the supports have warped or become rotten and are unable to support the roof. Once that problem arises, get help right away because you don’t know how long substandard supports will hold up the top of your house.
  • If the valleys and shingles are working correctly, they will shuttle water to the rain gutters for movement to the ground in the downspout system. We know from our sinks that clogs and back-ups prevent water from draining and it the same when we think of our gutters. The only problem is, our gutters are open channels and all manner of materials can accumulate in them and impair their ability to work. A sink will see water back up, with a rain gutter, water will run over the sides unabated until it is stopped by a free-flowing channel or the heaving of the gutter under the weight of the buildup in the channel. Either situation is less than ideal because water will go to places where it wasn’t designed to drain to and that is a problem in and of itself.
  • Identifying problems on the roof and anticipating when trouble will come doesn’t have to be a tremendous challenge, a vigilant eye and a little common sense will help with the detection of problems. The skylight and chimney are two areas where a vigilant homeowner can bypass expensive repairs with a little proactive maintenance. Chimneys and skylights are sealed in place with caulking and it needs to be replaced every so often because it will shrink or crack creating a means for water to enter your home. If you check the gutters every year, a look at the chimney and skylights should be part of that investigation.

The community of West Lorne has been known by several different names: first, it was Bismarck, after a German chancellor and hastily changed, then came West Clayton, Dutton, Lorne then West Lorne and the name has stuck since the turn of the 20th century.

In West Lorne, you can reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions to help clean up after a storm has damaged your roofing system and we will be there in a pinch. For a no-cost meeting, free estimate and free roof inspection, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in West Lorne

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