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Roof Repair in Strathroy

When we purchase a home for the first time it comes with responsibilities that we have never experienced and it becomes a learning curve to get up to speed with all the systems that run a home. We have our furnaces serviced, we keep our windows properly sealed against drafts and leaks and we are on guard for any breaches in the structure like cracks or mortar that is starting to disappear in the brickwork of our homes. But our roof is an afterthought in out home maintenance plan, because like our cars, we only tend to our roofing system when something goes wrong. When something does go wrong and a roof repair in Strathroy is inevitable, AM Roofing Solutions is standing on guard to help homeowners in Strathroy protect their roofing systems. We have over 60 years as a going roofing concern and we have provided all types of roof repair in Strathroy that are effective and they will stand the test of time. All of installers have a local pedigree that combines experience with industry certification to provide the best roof repair in Strathroy. All of our work comes with a 10-year workmanship warranty that has been a mainstay of our business since our inception.

There are many tell tale signs that indicate when a roof repair in Strathroy is required but you have to know to look for.

Common problems easy solutions

  • When you look at your roof you see the shingles, and upon closer examination, you can see if the condition of the shingles is meeting the challenges of Mother Nature. Shingles that have curled cracked or are missing or lifting in spots are signs that you need a roof repair in Strathroy. Replacing the shingles is just the first step to correcting the problem because the root cause for a roof repair in Strathroy may lie in the attic. If you have ineffective insulation in your attic or none at all, bringing the insulation up to the required R-value makes sense. The reason the shingles may be cracking or curling is due to heat buildup in the attic and the release of the heat to the roofing system creates undue stress on the shingles.
  • Another source of trouble comes from the valleys of our roofing systems. The valleys join two sections of the roof and when they do they create a collector valley to draw water off the roofing system to the rain gutters and downspouts. If the valleys aren’t moving the water along to the drainage system, a roof repair in Strathroy can correct the problem and prevent water from entering the roofing system and spreading across the decking and underlay.
  • When we look at a skylight or a chimney or a vent on our roofing system we don’t see a potential risk to our roofing system that will require a roof repair in Strathroy, but it is a risk nevertheless. Skylights, chimneys and vents are sealed into your roofing system to keep them watertight with a caulking material. When the caulking starts to shrink or crack due to age water can make its’ way into the roofing system and it can create untold damage to the system. A small roof repair in Strathroy that re-applies fresh caulking to those items to keep them watertight is an effective way to keep maintenance costs under control.
  • The last and potentially the most important part of the drainage system is the rain gutters and downspouts. They take water from the top of the roof and run it to the ground and away from the building. If the gutters are blocked or there are leaks in the downspouts, water isn’t being channeled away from your home and the buildup of water has to go somewhere and generally that is into the home. A roof repair in Strathroy to address the issue is a small price to pay for the significant investment we know as our home.

Strathroy’s motto is “We Advance,” and we the residents need a roof repair in Strathroy, we at AM Roofing Solutions walk in lock step with them. For a no obligation consultation and free estimate call us today at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Repair in Strathroy


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