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Roof Repair on Stratford

The price of homeownership comes with the cost of the purchase of the home but the true cost of protecting our biggest investment is vigilance. Maintaining our homes – keeping up with repairs – and noticing when we need them is paramount to strong maintenance schedule and when a roof repair in Stratford is necessary, AM Roofing Solutions has all the answers to any and all questions surrounding a roof repair in Stratford. For the most part, when there are problems on our roofs, we generally don’t become aware of them until something happens like a leak in the attic or pooling water at the base of downspout. When we see these problems our first call should be to AM Roofing Solutions for a roof repair in Stratford that will protect the life span of our roofing system and provide peace of mind that our most important asset is protected.

Here at AM Roofing Solutions we have over 60 years industry experience providing any and all types of roof repairs in Stratford with quality and experience that our competitors have trouble matching. All the installers we use for a roof repair in Stratford are drawn from the local community and they have a wealth of experience and professional training to complement years of experience. When we provide a roof repair in Stratford we add a no-cost, 10-year workmanship warranty to guarantee our work against any failure that could occur for a roof repair in Stratford.

Roofing problems and solutions

  • The first thing to go on any roofing system is the shingles and it makes sense because the shingles on any roofing system absorb the brunt of any weather-related event that your home can experience. If and or when you notice the shingles are losing their granules, shrinking, curling or cracking a quick roof repair in Stratford to address the shingles that are failing is a an easy roof repair in Stratford that comes at a reasonable price. Also, when we take into account the condition of the shingles we will look at the attic insulation. Heat is one of the causes of shingle deterioration and if the attic insulation isn’t at the proscribed R-value, your shingles could be absorbing more heat than they were constructed for and a roof repair in Stratford that adds insulation where none existed or boosted the current layer insulation is a roof repair in Stratford that can provide more than adequate protection for the shingles.
  • If the valleys of the roofing system are improperly sealed or aren’t channeling the water to the rain gutters and downspouts, a roof repair in Stratford to prevent damage to the underlay and decking is a necessary evil to extend the life of the roofing system as a whole. The valleys act as a water collector when two levels of our roof are connected, if the connection isn’t watertight, water will seep into the cracks that form and a roof repair in Stratford will prevent further escalation of the problem.
  • Skylights, vents and chimneys hold the potential for water damage because they have to be sealed to the roofing structure to maintain a seal. When the caulking that surrounds these items begins to fail it is like opening a window during a rainstorm. Water will run into the roofing system through the cracked or eroding caulking and that is trouble for your roofing system. A quick re-caulk of the skylights, chimneys or vents is quick and easy roof repair in Stratford that will prevent larger problems later.
  • Rain gutters and downspouts are the unsung heroes of any roofing system. You don’t notice them until they aren’t performing their prescribed job and when that happens it jeopardizes the entire roofing system. If debris is blocking the gutters or there are leaks in the downspouts a roof repair in Stratford that addresses the water removal system is a repair that won’t break the bank and provide security in the knowledge that the system is watertight.

In the home of the largest Shakespearean Festival in Ontario, residents call AM Roofing Solutions for any roof repair in Stratford that is required. For a free estimate and no obligation consultation call us today at 1.877.289.6900.

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