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Roof Repair in Shedden

Osteoporosis affects one-in-three women and one-in-five men. It will cause a fracture in the wrist, hip or spine in one-in-five people who are afflicted by the disease, and it costs over $2.3B per year in costs to the economy and the healthcare system. It has been named the ‘silent thief’ as no symptoms are prevalent nor is there any pain associated with the degradation of bone mass in the hips wrists or spine. Fortunately, medical advances have provided for a hip replacement for anyone who has had the effects of the degenerative disease visited upon them. In Ontario, replacement surgery for a hip is a short wait due to the necessity of the surgery for an aging population and keeps people active when they were relegated to inactivity in the past when they were suffering from osteoporosis.

Home repairs are a same type of problem as osteoporosis; they both occur in silence and leave damage that requires a repair and a financial investment to get the repair done. A roofing system experiences problems in silence and it isn’t golden, it is a first-rate catastrophe and it need s roof repair in Shedden to correct the situation. For the most part, a roofing system is one the most important items your home has as protection, and there is never a bad time for a roof repair in Shedden to restore your home’s structural integrity. A roof repair in Shedden isn’t for the faint of heart; it needs a proven, professional roofing contractor to provide the roof repair in Shedden.

When looking for help for a roof repair in Shedden, AM Roofing Solutions should be the only company up for consideration. We are one of the longest-serving roofing institutions in the province – more than 60-years service – and we get the best results. It is because we use some of the best tradesmen in our industry and they are considered master craftsmen when it comes to a roof repair in Shedden. When you elect to use us for a roof repair in Shedden, we have the family working with our team of skilled craftsmen, for the past three generations our family has been leading the way in search of a better roof repair in Shedden. Once the labour has been expended and the repair is complete, a 10-year workmanship warranty is the last thing to cement the deal and leave you with a solid roofing system.

Roof repair in Shedden, a little knowledge will help

  • You either need a roof repair in Shedden or you don’t, but the way to find out is through a bit of knowledge you will develop after looking at your roof. As good a place as any to start your investigation is with the shingles that cover your roof. They need to be in good shape to meet the challenges that weather will provide, and if they are cracked, curled, or missing – you should call a contractor. If the problem is in its infancy, that is the good news, but if the problem is just discovered, check your attic for watermarks. If you have had shingle problems for a while, water will have leaked through the tarpaper and decking leaving stains. Both problems constitute a repair, the only question is how much will it cost.
  • The next area that is a problem is a lot harder to identify because by its very nature it is tough to detect. The valleys help move water from the roof to the rain gutters – if they aren’t moving water something else in the roofing system is wrong. The valleys depend on the structural integrity of the roof to be able to move water – if the trusses or rafters have been damaged by water they could be bowed or sagging. You don’t just see this problem – it is one that manifests itself over time and when it is noticeable it is too late. One way to find this problem is a thorough inspection of the trusses and rafters in your attic. You may not be able to see the water stains, but you should run your hands along the different spots in the supports, if the wood feels spongy or is brittle, it has been damaged and it needs immediate attention.
  • Once water is intercepted by the valleys it is sent to the rain gutters for drainage and absorption into the water table through the ground. You need your shingles working with the valleys to help the rain gutters do their job, but they are subject to interference from trees and leaves. The open nature of the channel in the rain gutters will collect material that is flying around and generally it is leaves and small twigs that gum up the rain gutters. The buildup prompts the water to spill over the gutters ending up in places that it shouldn’t, injecting new problems to go with the one you are dealing with now. If you see depressions on the grass or in areas along the base of the rain gutters you have a clog that needs removal. A roofing system inspection will include removal of any debris present and for a few dollars now, you avoid many dollars later if the gutter needs repairs.
  • Another good reason to have your roofing system checked is when you have attachments that are permanent fixtures on the roofing system. Skylights and chimneys fall into this category and they need an evaluation every now and then. The reason is the sealant used to affix them to the roof – caulking is great for waterproofing but it needs to be replaced because it will crack or shrink over time. If the skylight is leaking, you see it in real time, if the chimney is leaking you don’t. The caulking seal can fail or the mortar that keeps the bricks together will erode over time, creating another opening for water to make an appearance.

For a piece of delectable rhubarb pie, its worth the drive to Shedden because they are “The Rhubarb Capital of Ontario,” and home of the Rosy Rhubarb Festival that takes place every summer.

The residents transform this sour fruit into one of the greatest tasting treats known to man and when our company, AM Roofing Solutions, works in Shedden we are sure to enjoy a slab of pie or two. For a free estimate, free roofing inspection and no-obligation meeting, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Shedden

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