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Roof Repair in Rodney

Your wife has volunteered to run in a cancer fundraiser, gathering up signatures from sponsors and networking with other participants to help ensure that the event is well attended and has a great deal of community awareness. As the date for the run gets closer on the calendar, you wife is acquiring all the equipment she will need for the fun run. A good pair of running shoes designed for jogging, a warm suit in case the weather is less than cooperative and few trial runs in the neighbourhood to get ready for the eventual five-kilometre run. You drop your wife off at the race site, go and park the car and look around at the displays and information booths that educate all the attendees about the evils of cancer. About a half an hour in and one of the race volunteers seeks you out, it seems your wife has sustained an injury and can no longer participate in the race. In a panic, you rush to the first-aid tent where your wife has her ankle wrapped and the need to go to the emergency ward at the local hospital is required. An X-ray and an examination by a fracture specialist revealed the worst, your wife has broken a couple of small bones in her foot. But it isn’t as bad as it could’ve been – no operation required, just a walking cast and few weeks off the foot. Your wife is disappointed and dejected she got hurt and was unable to finish the race, but the sponsors all pony up to make the donation, and the Cancer Society was the beneficiary. Fortunately, the healthcare repair your wife needed didn’t require surgery or a great deal of medical treatment but was a wake-up call to train before you compete.

Homeowners don’t have the luxury of ‘training’ their homes to keep repairs in check, they have to investigate and determine where damage is done and what to do about it. For a roof repair in Rodney, you must be aware that the problems are directly tied to the effects of the weather, and problems can attack your roofing system in silence. There is no warning system to alert you to problems that will require a roof repair in Rodney, so you take your chances and react when you need a roof repair in Rodney. When you are forced to make a roof repair in Rodney, it is best to find a competent contractor who has a strong background in roofing to provide the roof repair in Rodney you need. One call to us at AM Roofing Solutions will be the only thing your roofing system will need to get the roof repair in Rodney that solves the problems your roofing system is experiencing. We have more than six decades of time invested our business, and our work is synonymous with a great roof repair in Rodney. For as long as we have been in business, our family has been there as your sentinel, helping protect our home with quality workmanship. When we finish your roof repair in Rodney, don’t worry about labour pains because you won’t have any because we have a 10-labour warranty to cover anything that happens after the fact.

Roof repair in Rodney, eliminate the pain for the gain

  • The human body has many disparate systems that help it function, a roofing system is similar when you think about it – you use a number of different systems to move water from the roof to the ground. When one or more of these systems is impacted by problems a roof repair in Rodney is the only way to have a functional drainage system on your roof. Your shingles are the first point of contact for the weather, they take everything Mother Nature can throw at it and with a level of resiliency they bounce back after every storm. But, the effects of heavy weather will take its toll on the shingles and they will fail when pressured too much. The early warning signs are cracks, curled corners, or shingles that missing – if you can catch these problems early on, a minor repair is the easy out for the problem. If you miss the signs or are tardy in repairs, water makes its way into your roofing system and the roofing repairs costs will double or triple.
  • One of the most important systems on your roof is the valleys; they control drainage from higher points on the roof to the rain gutters. If the valleys have water sitting in the channel or the water is slow moving when it should speeding along, some problems with the structure are present. Look at the trusses and rafters in your roof, if they appear to be bowed or sagging, water has infected them already and the damage is irreversible. Not to mention what the water damage has caused in the attic or with the insulation – as you discover more and more damage the price for the repair keeps climbing and at the end of the day you might just be replacing the roofing system rather than repairing it.
  • All systems are working well, it is time to examine the rain gutters to see if they are doing their part moving water from the roof and down the side of the house through downspouts that are attached to the house. Keeping the rain gutters clear is the best way to keep the water moving, but you don’t always know if the gutters are clear, and it isn’t like you have a speedometer attached to the gutters to see if they moving water quickly. Small tells will originate along the gutters to let you know how they are performing. If you see water stains or puddles or the remnants of puddles in places where they weren’t in the past it means water is blocked and is draining over the side of the gutters. This is a compound problem, water will leak into your home through the siding and it will leak in through any cracks or seams in your foundation – better to keep the gutters clear and the areas around the foundation dry to prevent large repair bills at home.
  • If you have any attachments on your roof like a skylight or a chimney, pay particularly close attention to both items - they are a source of water invasion. Both items have been sealed to your roofing system with a caulking compound and while the compound is watertight, it can fail just as easily as anything else around our home. If there are breaches in the caulking for the skylights, it is evident during a rain shower; you will witness the leak firsthand. But a chimney is another story. Leaks through a chimney can take years to discover and by then it is too late as a major repair is the only thing left that can be done to correct all the damage that the water has caused.

When the town of Rodney was first getting started, it was on wobbly legs that the community built its foundation. Renamed twice, and moved once, the instability had no adverse effects on the townsfolk because the railroad was the saving grace for the town and it delivered economic prosperity.

The residents know a quality roof repair will be delivered by our company, AM Roofing Solutions, and they don’t wait to get in touch with us for help. For a no-obligation discussion, a free estimate and free roofing system inspection, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Rodney

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