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Roof Repair in Port Stanley

The weather, everybody seems to complain about it, but nobody seems to know what to do about it. Or, if you don’t like the weather now, wait 15 minutes and you just might get something different. This highlights the unpredictability of the weather and the ensuing fallout of weather-related activity. Sure, there are seasonal storms that ravage some localities on our continent, think the Gulf of Mexico and hurricanes as an example of troublesome storms that plague certain areas. Living in close proximity to water can be the recipe for a heavy weather event – and the damage that storms will cause is in the billions of dollars. Think about Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans hasn’t been restored to its previous condition and that was over 10-years ago. Katrina can be viewed an outlier, a once in a lifetime storm that caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. Living in Canada, we don’t see much in the way of hurricanes, but we do see our share of snow and it can be as devastating as a hurricane. It can shut down roads, drop hydro wires and force everyone inside to hunker down and wait for the storm to end. When snow accumulates anywhere it adds weight to the structures it has landed on that is a problem for the homeowner. Many people who live in the Great White North have to shovel off their roofs to prevent them from caving in under the weight that the snow brings and if they didn’t, the roof would cave in.

Weather is harsh on the exterior of a home and it will cause a roof repair in Port Stanley as surely as it will in Sudbury. Once a roof has sustained damage from a storm, the homeowner has only one course of action available and that is a roof repair in Port Stanley. Sitting right on Lake Erie, Port Stanley sees its share of heavy weather blowing in off the lake and it will cause problems for a homeowner that someone inland may not experience. So there is a special need for a roof repair in Port Stanley, and when the need arises, we at AM Roofing Solutions are there to solve any problems that blow in off the lake. For over 60-years our company has been in the vanguard of roofing work and we are the number one company in southwestern Ontario for roofing repairs. Every roof repair in Port Stanley that our company tenders will be done by the best journeymen roofers that are available in southwestern Ontario. We don’t hire just anybody, we hire only the most qualified and experienced roofing tradesmen for a roof repair in Port Stanley and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Working in many communities across Ontario, you get to know a lot of people and our family has been front and centre for all our activities – for three generations that have carried the company banner and when we provide a roof repair in Port Stanley you know it was done with quality workmanship. Once your roof repair in Port Stanley is finished, our supervisor will leave a 10-year workmanship warranty as a demonstration of our good faith for the work we have done.

Roof repair on Port Stanley, let the roof tell you when

  • Our roofing systems may not speak in the language the rest of us know as English, but the can send subtle messages with the condition the exhibit when we look at them. Shingles would be yelling at you when you see them damaged, things like cracks, curled corners or missing shingles altogether would get cops over if the shingles could talk for all the yelling they would be doing about the damage they would be experiencing. When there are gaps or open areas on your roofing system, water will enter, make no mistake and when it does it creates plenty more problems that routine repairs won’t satisfy, and you will need a roof repair in Port Stanley.
  • A roofing system is an integrated system of different processes to get water off the roof and to the ground and the next system in the spotlight is the valleys that help with water drainage. You know you need a roof repair in Port Stanley when you have water standing still on the roof. It means the valleys have a problem under the roof’s exterior and the problem can be traced back to the trusses and rafters. If they have become saturated with water and don’t dry properly they will flatten out or warp – either way, call contractor and get your chequebook because that is the kiss of death for a roofing system.
  • The rain gutters are the next stage in the water dispersal chain; they take the runoff from the upper part of the roof and move it the ground along a channel system that is connected to the downspouts. For water to move freely, it must be unencumbered by any material buildup in the channels that the water runs along. If the water progress is impeded by material buildup, water will spill over the sides or drain more slowly, putting added stress on the gutters than is necessary.
  • The last thing that can control on our roofing system is the additions that have been placed on the roof. Many homes were built with chimneys back in the day and they can be a problem as are the skylights. Both can be a source for water to gain entry into the roofing system due to the nature that they are attached to the house. The final detail in attaching a skylight or a chimney is the caulking that is installed to keep them watertight. If you haven’t re-caulked your chimney in forever or have never done it – water could be entering your home like a thief in the night. Your skylight will tell you when it is time for some tender loving care because water will be on the floor after a rainstorm. It makes sense to set-up a schedule for regular inspections for the skylights, chimneys and rain gutters because it keeps repair costs to a minimum.

Port Stanley is a fishermen’s paradise, there are many different species of game fish in Lake Erie and charter tours of the lake are always popular with visitors and locals alike.

For a roof repair, you don’t need a net or a hook, just a phone and the time to contact us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a free roofing system inspection, no-obligation meeting and free estimate, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Port Stanley

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