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Roof Repair in Petrolia

When you buy a house, unless it is custom-built for you, it will have things about it you don’t like and want to change. Some of the things are cosmetic, while others require a major investment of capital and the time it will take to make the upgrades. A new bathroom is $10,000, a new set of kitchen cabinets is $10,000 - $15,000, flooring for the house is $9,000, and they all areas of concern for you. You look at your home as a 20-year investment in time and money, but you need extra money to complete the projects that will improve the quality of our home and increase the value of the home. Many companies use finance companies to help homeowners underwrite their upgrades – and why not, it makes great business sense. Some homeowners will use other credit instruments to get the job done and realize the cost return on investment when they cash out and sell their home. Setting realistic goals for your home repair/upgrade budget based on your ability to pay is what will provide financial security and grow your investment. Other home repairs can catch us off guard when they come about, a refrigerator failure or the furnace goes on the fritz are two home repairs that you can’t really budget for because you can’t schedule them.

A roof repair in Petrolia has the same tendency; a roofing system will fail when it reaches its end of the life cycle or due to bad weather. If you don’t make a roof repair in Petrolia when you have the opportunity to do it when the costs are negligible, you are taking a large financial gamble. A replacement roof can cost the same as the three upgrades you want to do inside, and a roof repair in Petrolia will often take priority because of the importance of the roofing system. If you think you have a failing roofing system and are in need of a roof repair in Petrolia, you will call a roofing company for a quote. The best quote for a roof repair in Petrolia will come from AM Roofing Solutions, not because we are value-priced, but because we are simply the only company that can address your roof repair in Petrolia. We have over 60-years service in the industry, our service staff is some the best tradesmen in our area, and we provide quality workmanship that our competitors can’t beat. Our competitors can’t compete with our longevity or our family – for three generations they have provided the elbow grease and effort necessary to improve roofing systems all over southwestern Ontario and our reputation precedes us everywhere we go. When they finish their assigned tasks, a 10-year workmanship warranty if the final puzzle piece for your roof repair.

Roof repair in Petrolia, see problems, discover solutions

  • The tired and worn out bathroom, kitchen cabinets and flooring that have seen better days are telling you a story with the condition that they are in. A roofing system can tell the same story if you have an idea what problems look like. The shingles will appear as the first thing that will need a roof repair in Petrolia, they take the brunt of the abuse from the weather and wear out the fastest of the materials in your roofing system. When shingles are cracked, curled at the edges or missing a roof repair in Petrolia is the only way to prevent water from getting in and through the attic. Water can damage a roofing system in short order and a roof repair in Petrolia can reverse the damage, and it is something you would prefer not to do if you can help it.
  • If your valleys are ineffective at moving water, it is because there is some type of structural problem that is affecting your roof and water will be at the root of the problem. Valleys are supposed to move on the shingles to the rain gutters and then onto the ground via downspouts. If you see water standing in areas of your roof it is because the roof is flattening out. That is because the trusses or rafters have been compromised by water and they have warped or sagged creating problems on the outside of the roof. The damage to the trusses and rafters is the long-term infection of water coming through the shingles or other entry points and that is a costly repair to make to your roofing system. Periodically, go into the attic and look for watermarks or any evidence you can find of water leaks and if you find something, call a contractor immediately.
  • Keeping rain gutters open and in a good state of repair will help them move water quickly to the downspout system and in turn get the water away from the house. Problems start in the gutters when they have material buildup in the channels. If the buildup is of a significant weight, it can pull the gutters away from the side of the house and water will stream down through the gap. The buildup can cause blockage in the system and once water can’t pass it will overflow the channels and run straight down the side of the house. Just as a precaution, have your gutters looked at least once a year; it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
  • A crackling fire or a roomful of lots of natural light is what you get if you have a chimney or skylight or both attached to your roof. It makes for a nice ambiance, but a hazard for your roofing system. They both can be entry points for water to get in and it is a small bead of caulking that stands in the way. The caulking works wonders but can fail when it reaches the end of use cycle or has taken weather abuse. It will crack or can shrink, creating holes or slits that water can migrate to and enter through. When you have your rain gutters checked, get the inspector to look at the skylight and chimney – most re-caulking can be done in less than a half an hour and you are set for a few years.

Petrolia was a town where oil was first discovered in Canada, back in the 1850’s. Since then, the town has been known for its ability to get oil out of the ground and they exported their expertise worldwide to other countries with nascent oil industries.

When roofing problems are creating headaches for homeowners they know we are pain relief at AM Roofing Solutions. No cost meetings, free roof inspections, and free quotes are available when you call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Petrolia

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