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Roof Repair in Parkhill

A rainstorm had blown through the area, and it is the kind of storm that is documented for history as record rainfall has hit the area and has made a soaking wet mess of everything. Live footage of water cascading in the streets, emptying into basements until they are full and then on to the upper floors, debris scattered everywhere as the water has forced trees to be uprooted, cars to be sent down streets lifted off their wheels by the rising ride of water. Power outages and local landline telephone service have been cut off and with the power loss, all our devices that are battery powered are on borrowed time. Once the water has receded, the clean up begins in earnest and damage assessment is totaled and it could be in the billions of dollars. As a homeowner, you have had a flood of unrestrained water in your basement and the insurance company was called to send out an underwriter to determine the damage to your property. Then the inevitable march of tradesmen to your house, electricians, plumbers, specialists in cleaning up after water damage and an engineer to make sure that you have no structural damage to your home. Major repairs require professionals to meet the obligation, and that is just the beginning of the challenge. A major onslaught of water will certainly have created the conditions for a roof repair in Parkhill, and the need for another professional will be acutely felt.

When you need to hire a contractor for a roof repair in Parkhill that was caused by weather or old age, the contractor with the most experience becomes the most trusted and that is us at AM Roofing Solutions. We have over 60-years service in the roofing business, and we are the experts you need when you have a roof repair in Parkhill that needs attention. Our skilled staff holds excellent credentials for a roof repair in Parkhill and we wouldn’t use anyone who doesn’t have journeymen status when we hire roofing technicians for a roof repair in Parkhill. Working with some great tradesmen is our family for your roof repair in Parkhill, they have long resume for roofing work and after three generations in the business, they certainly know their work. Once the roof repair in Parkhill is completed, our staff will leave your home the way we found it and our team leader will provide the 10-year warranty for workmanship that is a staple of every roof repair in Parkhill or any other community we work in.

Roof repair in Parkhill; don’t get swept away in receding water

  • A roof repair in Parkhill can be as easy as replacing a few nails or as complex as re-engineering your roofing system, depending on the extent of the damage. That is why, as a homeowner, you need to keep an eye on the roofing system to prevent excessive repair bills from impacting your financial position. One thing that will help is a regular inspection of your roofing system when you take the time to look, you can see trouble coming and act on it. Shingles will be the first thing to look at, they cover a wide area and there are many of them so they can fail at a moment’s notice. If you miss this, leaks will certainly be the next thing to deal with for your roof repair and the costs keep climbing. Shingles are inexpensive and the repair is limited cost, so when you see trouble starting, nip it in the bud and get a contractor over to make the necessary repairs to keep your roofing system and attic dry.
  • The next stop on the tour to protect your roofing system is at the valleys, water is moved through the valley system to the rain gutters and off to the downspout for expulsion to the ground. It is tricky to try to identify problems with the valleys, you cant see water pool on flat spots unless you observe your roofing system’s performance in the rain – and how many of us stand outside in a rainstorm. Not many of us, I’m sure. But you can go in the attic and look at the decking water stains or feel the trusses and rafter for moisture. If you see stains, water is definitely entering the roofing system, if the trusses or the rafters are moist you have a bigger problem and you should know that the valleys aren’t performing the job they were created for.
  • Working in partnership with the rain gutters, the valleys get the water to the dispatch point – namely the rain gutter channels where the water is subsequently sent to the ground for runoff. The tandem work means that the channels need be kept clear of anything that could accumulate in the channels, otherwise water movement through the channels is impaired. Water will spill over the channels if it cant move to the downspouts and that will cause trouble on its own. Water pooling or creating puddles in places where no puddles should be can create drainage problems or sinkholes if left long enough. If you have enough gunk in rain gutter channels, you can expect them to pull away from the fascia under the weight of the gunk and the water that was supposed to move through the gutters will now descend down the side of your house and could potentially leak into the house through the siding or brickwork it encounters.
  • An afterthought of water leakage that can cause a roof repair is the attachments we have on your roof – like a skylight or a chimney. Both are inserted into cutout spaces within the roofing system and it could problems if the bead of caulking that keeps them watertight fails. Caulking will break down after intense abuse of old age and when it starts small cracks or splits will become water leaks in the blink of an eye if regular maintenance isn’t performed on either attachment. If you have your rain gutters inspected, it makes sense to take the inspection one step further and look at the chimney and skylight too.

For Parkhill to develop as a community it needed the railroad to come to town – and it did in the 1850’s – then a gristmill, then a lumber mill, then people who wanted prosperity.

The prosperous residents of Parkhill will count on us at AM Roofing Solutions to help when they have roofing problems that need a professional repair. For a no-cost meeting, free roofing system inspection, and free estimate call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Parkhill

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