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Roof Repair in Paris

Sometimes we get a crazy idea that sounds good, but going forward we need to pump the brakes, and a get a hold of ourselves before we go too far. Driving a car means we are pumping the brake pedal regularly and if we drive well, we have care and control of the automobile and we won't have to engage the pedal too firmly. Driving within the speed limit, using caution and common sense should provide a safe passage for the driver to and from a designated destination. Not everyone is good about there use of the road, that is why we have car accidents and many times accidents are caused by negligence. Failing to stop because we have mechanical problems with our braking systems will result in criminal charges and could be the cause of injuries and fatalities when an accident occurs – so we keep our whip in a good state of repair. If we can reduce our vulnerability to accidents our insurance rates will stay at a price we can afford and it means a safe, reliable car with a good braking system is what we need. For home repairs, we aren’t punished for damage to our homes, but we can have our home insurance canceled if we don’t maintain a sense of good order in our house.

A roof repair in Paris won’t get your insurance canceled, but it will provide a greater sense of security and heightened protection against the elements. Too, a roof repair in Paris is important when taken in the context of the asset we know as our home. Repairing the brakes on cars is essential to safe operation of the car, and a roof repair in Paris will put the brakes on water leaks in our and that should be the overall goal. Water is the greatest threat a roofing system can be subjected to and a roof repair in Paris will reduce the risk and harm that water can cause when it leaks into your home. If you have brake problems with our car you go to an expert to get a solution, when you need a roof repair in Paris you need an expert to get a solution, and the one to call is AM Roofing Solutions, and it is all the expert help you will need. We have the best technicians in southwestern Ontario prosecuting your roof repair in Paris, and their combination of experience and ability is what makes our company one of the best. In the past 60-years we have been in operation, we have helped people all over southwestern Ontario and our name is synonymous with quality. Working with the top craftsmen that we employ for a roof repair in Paris is our family – for three generations their work has helped build a business based on quality workmanship and they have never disappointed a customer. Once the work is finished, we present our customer with a 10-year workmanship warranty as our pledge that the work was done right.

Roof repair in Paris, when to know you need one

  • A roof repair in Paris is something you can determine when you have the information you need to make a decision. Some problems are easier to notice than others, but a bit of knowledge goes a long way when you need to decide if you need a roof repair in Paris. One of the first things that will tip you off to the necessity of a repair will be the look of the shingles on the roof. They need to be squared at the corners and fully cover the area they are attached to, if not water will move in through the openings and cause damage. Shingles can blow off the roof, or become damaged due to wear and tear or reach the end of their lifecycle and they need to be replaced through a small repair. The nickels and dimes you spend today save the dollars you might spend tomorrow if you don’t nip your roofing problems in the bud.
  • The valleys are the next stop on roofing system, they move water from the upper part of the roof to the rain gutters and that path is traversed across the shingles. If the valleys aren’t moving water, it is because they can’t and something is preventing the valleys from working. Previous water damage to the trusses or the rafters is the culprit – water has entered the roofing system and the supports have become wet and when they dried they warped and it has affected the roof’s ability to move water. When this happens a costly repair is in order so you want to keep a sharp eye on your roofing system to prevent problems like this from affecting your roofing system’s health.
  • The second to last stop for water is at the rain gutters, they will channel the water to the downspouts and to the ground to run away from the house. Rain gutters must - and we can’t stress that enough – must be free of anything that can inhibit the movement of water along the channels. Slowing the flow or having a huge bottleneck in your rain gutters will see water go over the channels and down the side of your house. If there is potential for water to leak into our house through the walls it will, and the foundation isn’t immune from water leaks either. Keep debris like twigs or sticks out of the rain gutters, they are a source of damage and the holes will release water, again, down the side of your house.
  • If we had glass roofs, we would have all the natural light in the world beaming in our house, but it would be like living under a magnifying glass: hot, hot, hot. So we install skylights to get all the natural light we want, but they are a source of trouble on roofing systems if not properly maintained. The skylight is connected to the roofing system with a line of caulking and it can shrink or crack if it isn’t replaced when it starts to fail. We don’t know when that will be until we see water on the floor below where the skylight is installed, and then it is a mad rush to get a repair done before the next rainstorm. Chimneys have the risk built in, but the difference is the problem won’t manifest itself until something else happens that revolved around water entry through the chimney. Water stains on the decking in our attic or wet insulation are the clues to chimney leaks, and that is a compound problem that a big repair will require. 

Paris is a small town on the Grand River and was named after plaster of Paris because of gypsum – the key ingredient – is readily available in deposits all over town. It put Paris on the map and helped drive the early local economy for the town that was established over 200 years ago.

Local residents can depend on AM Roofing Solutions when they have problems and they reach out to us frequently for the roof repairs they need. Call us today at 1.877.281.6900 to get a no-obligation consultation, a free inspection, and free estimate for your roofing system.

Roof Repair in Paris 

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