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Roof Repair in Lucan

Back in the day, a standard transmission was all that you get when you bought a new car or truck – and the ability to drive a standard prevented many people from driving. But the boys in Detroit were on top of the problem, and they introduced the automatic transmission for passenger vehicles and light trucks. Once the automatic transmission made its debut, car sales took off. With igniting of the dormant market, travel went for a luxury to an everyday experience for most people and the birth of suburbia was followed a short time later. Highways and freeways powered the growth of suburbia, and the dream of homeownership was a reality for many who were part of the economic revolution that took hold after World War II. It also created a new class of tradesmen, the auto mechanic. With hundreds of thousands of cars on the roads every day, breakdowns were inevitable as were the repairs necessary to keep the automobiles on the road. One repair that kept mechanics busy – among others – were transmission repairs. Can’t get a car to move without the smoothly running transmission and that is a necessity for anybody who wants to four-wheel transportation. By nature, we are protective of assets, and when repairs are needed we tend to them because we like our assets to function like the day we purchased them.

A roof repair Lucan is something we shouldn’t sleep on because it can become a huge nightmare if not dealt with. For a roofing system, water is the biggest problem it can face because water will do the most damage and generally right under your nose. A roof repair in Lucan is the protection that the asset you know as your home needs to provide a secure and cozy environment to live in. Problems on the roofing that provide cause for pause when thinking about a roof repair in Lucan are the kind of thing that can’t be ignored. The longer you put off a roof repair in Lucan, the more it will cost you and that is a given. Time waits for no man and when the invasion of water is what is affecting your roofing system, you have no choice but to get a roof repair in Lucan. Some folks never need a roof repair in Lucan, it depends on the materials and the wear and tear that roofing system is exposed to, so they avoid the critical expense. For those who can't avoid a roof repair in Lucan, they need to hire a roofing company to address the situation, and AM Roofing Solutions is the company to do the job. When we look back at our time in the roofing business – over 60-years to date and still going strong – we can trace our evolution back to simple precepts that has lead to our success. We hire the best tradesmen in the business, our work is the industry standard and we use the best practices our industry has developed and our customer focus is our greatest strength. Over the years our family has made a significant contribution to our company – for three generations they have been swinging a hammer and laying shingles in support of our efforts. When your roof repair in Lucan has concluded a 10-year labour warranty will be left with you as our promise of quality workmanship that is a value-added perk of our service.

Roof repair in Lucan, know the problems to find solutions

  • Shingles have a propensity to erode and when they do a roof repair in Lucan is required to maintain the integrity of the roofing system. Common problems with shingles include cracking, curling, or decay that comes with exposure to weather over a long period of time. If you can see your roofing system, it takes but a second to look at the shingles, and if you see one that is damaged it will mean more will be. And a repair is the next thing you should think about to prevent water from invading your home.
  • A roofing system is an interconnected series of systems that help move water off the roof and to the ground. One of the interconnected systems is the valleys that are prevalent on a roof. Water is collected by valleys and sent to the rain gutters through the shingles and their contribution to water drainage is one of great importance. Water needs to be sent to the ground via the gutters and downspouts, but they can't-do their jobs if the valleys aren’t sending the water for the next stage of dispersal. Valley problems are directly tied to water damage that has accumulated in the roof’s support structure – rafters and trusses – and when they sag, it will allow for a flat spot to form and water to pool before leaking into your home.
  • The rain gutters receive water from the valleys and they send it to the downspouts for release on the ground. The rain gutters have to be cleaned regularly – no leaves, twigs, or other materials that will inhibit the flow of water to the downspouts should be present. Many times clogs will ensue if the gutters aren’t well maintained, and the water that is backing up will need to go somewhere and generally that is over the sides of the channels to the ground. Rain gutters can be damaged by flying materials like twigs or branches; the cracks and holes that are created will see water is leaking to places you don’t want it to go, like window wells.
  • Looking through a skylight watching the clouds go by is a luxury for some homeowners, but they are also a risk for the roofing system. Set in the roofing system a skylight or a chimney can be a place for water to enter your attic because the sealant has failed. Both attachments have a line of caulking closing the opening that is created when both were installed and caulking can fail due to age or extreme weather events. Maintaining the caulking seal is a small chore to assume and if you have the rain gutters cleaned on annual basis a look at the skylight and chimney should be included.

Lucan was one of the first sanctuary cities in the world, it was a respite for fleeing blacks who were escaping persecution in the US and they settled in the community in anticipation of the Grand Trunk Railway line that was to be built a few years hence.

Tolerance and inclusion are Lucan’s calling cards and it is a harmonious town if ever there was one. When they need roofing maintenance, they know who to contact and that is AM Roofing Solutions. For a free roofing inspection, no-cost meeting and a free estimate, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Lucan

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