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Roof Repair in London, ON

If you own a car, there is one thing that you need to do, and that is stop the car when you encounter traffic lights, or signs, or stopped traffic. It is a given that cars have the ability to stop when necessary for public safety and way to maintain safe roads in our communities. Many braking systems operate with brake pads and they are the first things to wear out when the braking system starts to fail. If you have a heavy foot, your brake pads will pay the price due to increased use and strain on the pads. Once you have worn down the pads you will know because you will hear a squeal as brake pad dust will build up and when the problem becomes progressively worse you will hear metal on metal as the pads will have been worn down to virtually nothing and the ability to stop your car will be greatly impaired. This means a trip to the local garage for new brake pads to be installed to provide the driver with the ability to control the car and stop in a safe manner. Brakes are a problem that is easily identified and can be dealt with early, preventing an expensive repair that could be hundreds of dollars. In the area of home repairs we get some advance notice of trouble spots, but in some cases, we don’t heed the warning signs because we don’t recognize them.

A roof repair in London is a repair that can take us by surprise; we don’t often climb a ladder to evaluate the health of roofing systems so we miss the problems that create a situation for a roof repair in London. When we have problems stopping our cars because we have faulty brakes we get an expert to solve the problem. When you need a roof repair in London, you should consult an expert to help affect the roof repair in London you need. In London, turn to your hometown roofing company, AM Roofing Solutions, to get the roof repair in London that you require. We got our start in London and our flagship location is still a going concern in the city that has hosted our business for over 60-years. We have maintained a strong presence in London because we are extremely effective when it comes time for a roof repair in London and it shows. We attract the best professionals in the business, and they have a deep well of experience that has produced some the best institutional knowledge a tradesman can have. Building on quality workmanship from our strong team is our family – they have been manning the tools for as long as we have been in business, and their work has been what has kept our company afloat over the years. One thing that will set your roof repair in London apart from other companies is the warranty we offer – 10-year labour warranty – and our competitors have had to adapt to our customer-oriented business practices.

Roof repair in London, learn what you need to know

  • Life is a learning curve and we take our information were we can find it and apply it to the situation we find ourselves in. If we have an inkling that we need a roof repair in London, we should be aware of the signs that will confirm the need for a roof repair in London. It starts with the covering, or the shingles, if they have degraded in some form, the results will be a service call for the roofing system. Shingles move water and keep water out of the house, and if they have damage like cracks, curling corners or are eroding, you need to take action to get the vulnerable areas covered. If water is able to access your home through the roofing system, the damage could increase five-fold for a repair and that is money that could be better spent in other places if you maintain a discerning eye.
  • The valleys on the roof are another part of the roofing system that helps with water movement and drainage to the ground. The valleys work with the shingles and the rain gutters to get water to flow and if they aren’t moving water to the second stage of drainage to the shingles, it will cause leakage because water is sitting on a potential flat spot on your roof. Damaged valleys are the direct result of previous water damage, and the rafters or the trusses have been impacted, and after a good soak, they have dried with a warp in them. That affects the structural integrity of the roofing system and you will see it when you notice a sag in the main beam or along a side of the roof where the trusses support that section of the roof.
  • Once the valleys have moved water to the shingles for distribution on the ground by way, the water is received by the rain gutters to move it through the downspout system. For the gutters to be able to work as designed they need to be kept free of anything that could build up in the channels. If you have trees in your yard or in the vicinity of your yard and had to rake the leaves in the fall, you should inherently know that your gutter channels have the same problem. Leaves will slow the flow of water and in many cases stop it dead, once that happens, water will flow over the channels to the ground in a way that it wasn’t intended too. If you have leaves accumulating in the gutters, you will have branches and twigs there too, and they are a bigger threat because a pinhole prick in the gutters will turn into a large hole and water is everywhere you don’t want it to – namely around the foundation of your home.
  • Some homes we buy come pre-existing items on the roof like chimneys, skylights or satellite dishes and they can be a water leak looking for a place to happen if not properly cared for. The attachments are sealed to the roof with a caulking substance and it can fail over time and it will need to be replaced when it does. With a skylight or a satellite dish, water leaks are quickly identified and a fix can be enacted, but your chimney is a different story. Mortar and brickwork can decay, and in many cases, it has gone unnoticed until another problem draws you to the cause of the new problem you are dealing with. If you have a contractor check your gutters, get him to look at the attachments, that way a small repair can be made and stem the flow of water into your attic.

London was to be the capital of Upper Canada, pre-Confederation, but York as the capital of Upper Canada supplanted it. Still, London maintains a large profile in western Ontario and is the biggest city in the province west of the Greater Toronto Area. London is region hub for corporate interests and has a world-class university and strong economy to support local services.

For a roof repair, the residents know our firm well and they don’t hesitate to make contact when roofing problems affect their homes. For a free roofing system inspection, a no-cost meeting, and free estimate call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in London, ON

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