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Roof Repair in Lambton Shores

When we look at our world through an environmental lens, we see three pillars, renew, reuse, recycle and that has expanded to how we look at everything we do. Rather than build a custom built home, we look at our current home from a standpoint of gentrification. Renewing an old home to its’ past beauty comes with sacrifices and the renewal process includes all aspects of the home’s interior and exterior. When the gentrification process identifies a roof repair in Lambton Shores, AM Roofing Solutions is there to provide support for the roof repair in Lambton Shores.

With 60 years in the roofing business and hundreds if not thousands of roof repairs to out credit, our expertise speaks volumes in the roofing world. Our installers are all drawn from local labour pools and they have extensive experience and training to provide any roof repair in Lambton Shores that will last longer than the 10-year workmanship warranty that comes with every roof repair in Lambton Shores.

Common roofing problems

  • When you see your shingles have become discoloured or faded in colour, it is a sign that age is taking its’ toll on your roofing system and a roof repair in Lambton Shores might be necessary to refresh the first line of defense for your roofing system. Other signs that a roof repair in Lambton Shores is imminent are shingles that have developed cracks or are curling at the corners or are missing altogether means a roof repair in Lambton Shores is an absolute necessity. Working in tandem with the shingles is the attic insulation in your home. When we come to inspect the state of your roofing system before we enact your roof repair in Lambton Shores, we will look at the quality and the amount of your attic insulation to determine if it protecting the shingles from unwanted heat release. The attic insulation acts like a buffer that protects the shingles from heat buildup and heat release that could prematurely damage the shingles creating a roof repair in Lambton Shores before the life span of shingles is exceeded.
  • Skylights and chimneys are another place where roofing system problems can arise due to the nature of the items involved. Both articles provide a breach in the roofing system due to the fact that they are cut into the surface. Those areas where the skylights and chimneys are inserted into a roofing system can develop leaks due to caulking failure that will cause a roof repair in Lambton Shores to become a reality before water leaks into the house. Re-caulking the skylights and chimneys is an easy roof repair in Lambton Shores and will afford a further examination of other elements of the roofing system to determine how they might be working.
  • Shingles run water off the roofing system to the rain gutters and downspouts, which in turn run the water away from the physical structure, we know as our home. If there is blockage in the gutters or the downspouts are leaking a quick and easy roof repair in Lambton Shores will correct any minor problems that are prevalent.
  • Valleys in our roofing systems also create water drainage problems. If the valleys aren’t channeling the water to the gutters and downspouts it means the water is pooling on the roof and a roof repair in Lambton Shores to get the water moving off the roof is imperative.

Contact us today at AM Roofing Solutions for all your roof repairs in Lambton Shores. We provide a no obligation, free estimate and consultation for any perspective roof repair in Lambton Shores. We can be reached toll-free at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Repair in Lambton Shores

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