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Roof Repair in Komoka

A huge rainstorm that blew through your area walloped your community; you had a massive amount of water dumped in your community and people are already calling it the storm of the century. As you sat watching the storm from the window, all you could see was a wall of water coming down sideways and lashing anything in its way – it washed away the kid's bikes, and a bunch of other toys in the backyard and all you thought was, don’t hurt my house. But, you couldn’t stem the tide of water that hit the window well and flooded the basement and it was all you could do to keep the water moving to the floor drain and what you couldn't get to the drain you wet vacuumed up and dumped down a sink. After the storm had subsided, you went into the basement to see the extent of the damage that the water caused. You still have water an inch deep in your basement and for the next few hours you and the wet vacuum will suck up the water. Now that you have the water off the floor, dry doesn’t mean everything is all right – it means it is dry for now and you need to look around to see what damage the water has caused. You get a concrete expert in to see if he can see any problems, ditto for a plumber and electrician and you have been advised that now big problems are present, but you should do something about the window well. A windows and doors company is brought in to fix the window and you now have a shade over the window so water will hit and run off outside the concrete window well and no water in the basement during a rainstorm. House repairs after a huge storm needed professional help and you haven’t even assessed a roof repair in Komoka after the rain has subsided. But as you investigate the area around your roof, you can see potential damage on the roof and you inherently know a roof repair in Komoka will be the result. But you don’t really know any roofing contractors you could call on for a roof repair in Komoka, but you see a truck at your neighbour’s house and you can rest easy.

The name on the truck is AM Roofing Solutions – and we are going provide a roof repair in Komoka next door, so you ask us to look at your problems and provide a professional opinion. A roof repair in Komoka should never be entrusted to the inexperienced or those lacking in professional ability to provide a roof repair in Komoka. When you make arrangements with us at AM Roofing Solutions for your roof repair in Komoka you can count on experience – we have 60-years in our business – and the expertise we have developed over the six or so decades we have been in business. The crew for your roof repair in Komoka will be drawn from the best tradesmen in the area and the work will be on par with industry best practices. Working with our trades’ crew will be our family for your roof repair in Komoka – our family has worked with the company for as long as we have been in business, and for three generations they have plied the family trade. Once your roof is where it needs to be and our roof repair is done, we have a 10-year workmanship warranty our efforts.

Roof repair in Komoka, you don’t need to build the Ark

  • There are many symptoms for an ailing roof that will cause repairs to be made, but if you keep up with what you can see, you may not have to worry about what you can’t see. Start you visual roofing system inspection with the shingles, you have hundreds of them and one damaged shingle can be problems for all the shingles that aren’t. The one damaged shingle can let water into the roofing system and compromise the shingles that aren’t damaged. Once water is running free in the roofing system it can affect other areas like supports or the attic insulation and that means more money spent on a repair that could have been used for something else if you were paying attention.
  • The roofing system is made up of a few smaller systems that perform different functions within the overall system – the valleys come to mind as an auxiliary system that helps with water drainage. Valleys are the transporter of water, it hits the valleys – they are slightly angled to help with water movement – and moves it in streams to the rain gutters. If the water isn’t – it means there are problems that relate to the roofing system that needs addressing. This comes in the form of the rafters or the trusses that keep your roof supported. If they have been exposed to water or are damp for long period they will warp or bow leaving your roof off kilter and that will allow water to pool on the roof.
  • Once water gets to the rain gutters it should be clear sailing for drainage if the rain gutters and downspouts are working in concert to drain the water. In order to be effective, the channels of the rain gutters need to be debris free, if not their effectiveness is directly proportionate to the amount of debris in the channels. If you have pine trees or black walnut trees in your yard, black walnuts or pinecones can become lodged in the gutters and that will create a block and a good cleaning is the only solution. When that happens, your gutters will release water over the sides of the gutters and down the side of your house.
  • You would never think of it, but your skylight and chimney are a problem when it comes to water leaking in your home. Both attachments need to be cut into your roofing system then sealed with a caulking compound to keep the seams watertight. The problem for caulking is it only lasts so long, and when we think of our chimneys and skylights they almost an afterthought until we see water on the floor. Skylights will tell you immediately if there is a problem with the caulking but the chimney won’t be quite as forthcoming – leaks could take years to turn up and then it is too late.

Back in the 1850’s, Komoka was a hot spot for development and they had a couple of different railroads intersecting the town. Commemorating the town’s past, the locals created the Komoka Railway Museum as a tribute to the early development of the town. Now, Komoka is starting to grow again, they have seen many housing starts in the community, and small-town charm is at the heart of the development.

Residents will reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions when need any roofing done at their homes because they know like the trains that passed through the area, we are reliable and we run on time.

For a no-cost information session, a free estimate and a free roofing system inspection can be yours when you call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Komoka

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