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Roof Repair in Kilworth

Living in a four-seasons country like Canada, we see intemperate seasonal changes as the calendar spins to the next season. Wind storms have been part of the change in seasons, either bringing a cold Arctic blast from the northern hemisphere or a warm breeze from the southern climes, we will experience the wind in the form of a storm and it is generally temporary. Wind storms have been known to cause damage in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, and waterspouts in the ocean. When windstorms affect residential neighbourhoods, the results are tabled in the thousands if not millions of dollars of damages depending on the strength and duration of the windstorm. If the winds are strong enough they blow down power lines and the poles that support them and trees will be sheared of branches when a strong enough storm blows through with all the damage that you can expect left in its wake. Cars have been rendered write-offs after a storm and many insurance companies will be busy also as the damage totals start to accumulate. During the last windstorm, your house wasn’t spared from damage, the old oak tree in the front yard lost a couple of large branches and one happened to land on the corner of your home. The damage, at first blush, doesn’t look like much, but when you call your insurance agent they have another view of it. You are advised that based on the nature of damage to your home, you may have some structural damage to the supports of the house, as the wall that impacted is a load-bearing wall for your home. In a panic, you call a structural engineer to come to your house for an assessment and thank your lucky stars the damage done to the house is only affecting the brickwork, and the structure is sound as the load-bearing wall sustained no damage. You need to find a mason to come to your home to fix the smashed bricks and replace them as the repair you need to restore your house. We don’t start mixing mortar anytime we have brickwork problems, that is why we contact a contractor for the work because he is the expert and we are the homeowners.

For a roof repair in Kilworth, it is the same approach to the work, you need a certified professional to provide the roof repair in Kilworth to get the best results. When wind damage of any other weather event has caused damage to your roof and you need a roof repair in Kilworth, call to us at AM Roofing Solutions will help get your roof rehab off the ground with a solid roof repair in Kilworth. Providing the solid roof repair in Kilworth is our crew that has tradesmen credentials to administer a roof repair in Kilworth and their skills are well known in the region. After 60-plus years in our business, we know a thing or two about roof repairs and staffing to coordinate the work that is why we are the most sought after roofing company in southwestern Ontario. In our array of talent for a roof repair in Kilworth is our family – as a family business our family members have taken up our trade for over three generations and their work is an excellent complement to our tradesmen. Once all is said and done, and the site cleaned up, our project manager will leave a warranty for our work with the homeowner – a 10-year pledge that our work will stand up to whatever is thrown at it and we stand behind that warranty without question or quibble.

Roof repair in Kilworth, the answer isn’t blowing in the wind 

  • After a windstorm, one of the things we do is go out and check the property for damage, and if the wind was strong enough, you can expect to find shingles on the lawn. When shingles have become dislodged, they open up the decking for water infiltration and once that happens the slide begins for a roof repair in Kilworth and the fact it will become more expensive. Another aspect of the shingles that bears mentioning is the condition of the shingles that are on the roof, if they reached the end of life cycle, they will break down and starts to ship, or crack and those areas no matter how small will let water into your roofing system.
  • Another important aspect of your roofing system is the valleys that help drain water off the roof and get it to the rain gutters and downspouts. The valleys fail in a number of ways that could cause a roof repair in Kilworth, but the number one fail point for the valleys has nothing to do with them. Trusses and rafters should be in pristine condition to keep the roof surface intact – slightly on an angle to help move water – if they develop a flat spot it is likely because the trusses and rafters have been affected by water. Once that happens, you will need a substantially larger roof repair in Kilworth to re-enforce the rafters and trusses.
  • At the rain gutters and downspouts is where all the action happens on roofing system, the water is sent from the valleys to the gutters for release at ground level. Because the rain gutters are exposed to the elements they can be filled with all sort of materials that will inhibit water flow and eventual drainage to the downspouts. Once the blockage has been established, water will spill over the channels and cause untold damage to the foundation and water drainage in your yard. Keeping the channels clear will reduce the frequency of leakage over the side and protect the channels from becoming unattached from the fascia – more water with no place to go but down the side of the house is the net result if this happens.
  • Getting on the roof to look for problem areas can be a chore – or if your roof has a pitch that could be risky to mount, you may not look at the skylight and chimney you have on the roof. These two items pose a source of risk for a homeowner because a .50-cent piece of caulking could cause thousands of dollars in damage if it fails. Caulking sealant is what waterproofs a skylight or a chimney on the top of your house – but like anything, caulking can shrink or crack. Those two small areas are the source of a future flood in your roofing system, so get a professional inspection for your roofing system if you can inspect it yourself.

Kilworth sits on the east side of the Thames River and is part of the London municipal area. As a bedroom community, they enjoy all the best things about living near a big city and the best things about living in a small centre.

When the time comes for roofing work, the residents contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to get the job done on time and on budget. For a free estimate, a free roof inspection and a no-cost advisory session, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Kilworth

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