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Roof Repair in Ingersoll

You moved into your home a few years ago and started a family, and as the family has grown it has outgrown your living space. At this point you have two choices: buy a larger home or add an addition. You decide an addition is the best course of action and when it is finished it looks great except for one thing. You notice you have roof damage to older part of your home and it needs attention. Your first call for a roof repair in Ingersoll should be to AM Roofing Solutions, an industry leader in the roofing industry with over 60 years experience providing quality roof repair in Ingersoll.

All of our installers and service technicians have a wealth of experience and are industry certified that demonstrates skill and competence for any roof repair in Ingersoll. We draw our staff from the local area and they are committed to the community to provide the best roof repair in Ingersoll that is backed up by a 10-year workmanship warranty that is standard on all our work.

Roofing problems that need solutions

  • Shingles are the single biggest source of problems for any roofing system. They decay, crack, curl and can be blown off the roof in any weather-related event. When you notice the signs of decay or missing shingles a roof repair in Ingersoll becomes extremely important to protect you home and reduce exposure to the elements. When we come to assess your shingle damage, we will look at your attic insulation too. Attic insulation plays a vital role in the protection of the shingles on your roof as it acts as a heat regulator for your shingles. Too much heat can create early damage to the shingles and if the insulation is inadequate, heat release from the attic to the shingles is commonplace. Beefing up attic insulation is preventative maintenance for any roof repair in Ingersoll.
  • Valleys are another source of potential trouble for a roof system because water can pool in the valleys and that creates a scenario for a roof repair in Ingersoll. If the shingles in the valley are losing their granules, they can’t effectively discharge water to the rain gutters and downspouts and will need to be replaced through a roof repair in Ingersoll.
  • Rain gutters and downspouts are an integral feature for any roofing system and if the two features are functioning as designed they keep your home dry. If debris builds up and creates blockage in the rain gutters or the downspouts leak it could cause problems that a roof repair in Ingersoll can correct with a little tender loving care.
  • Skylights and chimneys are areas of concern for any roof repair in Ingersoll. If the caulking that seals the crevices between the skylights and chimney is wanting, water will leak into the cavities and run into the roofing system and a larger roof repair in Ingersoll will be necessary to address the damage.

Ingersoll is the cheese capital of Ontario and when a roof repair is required the residents call AM Roofing Solution for a roof repair in Ingersoll. Call our toll-free line at 1.877.289.6900 today for a free estimate and no obligation consultation.

Roof Repair in Ingersoll

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