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Roof Repair in Ilderton

An old song from the 1970’s said that “warm summer breeze makes me feel fine,” poetic in its simple appeal, the line from the song is a celebration of summer and all that it provides a respite to the winter and cold. Sometimes that warm summer breeze can blow as a gale-force wind and that is when the trouble starts. As wind speeds increase they tend to pick things up that ordinarily wouldn’t be blown around – cars have been known to be thrown great distances and cause a great deal of damage. Extreme, a bit, but ask Texas or Florida, they just had hurricanes blow through their states and the cost of the damage is still being totaled but it will be in the billions of dollars. In southwestern Ontario, we have seen our share of windstorms, and with them come the damage that can be expected when the wind kicks up and trees are a primary driver of damage. They can be blown down if the wind speed is strong enough or branches can ripped from tree trucks and sent flying into whatever is in their paths, and generally in a suburban neighbourhood they will hit homes in the area. Damage to our homes can be extensive, but with house insurance, we might have to pay a portion of the cost with the rest being picked up by your insurance policy.

We have seen pictures online after a storm, that see a house with a large tree branch sticking out of it or a large tree fallen across the roof of a house. When that is the case, and the wind has created a crisis at your home, you need an expert to come out and assess the damage and create a plan for remediation of your home. Make no mistake, if you have had wind damage you will need a roof repair Ilderton too, based on the nature of the damage your home has absorbed. Wind will lift shingles and tear them off the roof proper, and when the roof is exposed to the elements you need a roof repair in Ilderton. For best results for your roof repair in Ilderton, you need a professional contractor to provide all the work required to assure your roof repair in Ilderton is a lasting one. A call to our company will make that dream a reality; we are AM Roofing Solutions, a company with more than six decades in our trade and we have met the challenge for any roof repair in Ilderton with professionalism and expertise. We can say this because our stellar crew holds journeymen credentials when it comes to working on any roofing system and that speaks volumes about our business. When we engage in a roof repair in Ilderton, we have our family out on the job – they have followed the example of founder and made roofing their life’s work for the past three generations. Once we get your roof repair in Ilderton complete, we have one more thing to give a homeowner and that is a 10-year warranty on the workmanship we have provided for your roof repair in Ilderton.

Roof repair Ilderton, blown away by the facts

  • Certainly, a windstorm can cause all sorts of problems for a roofing system that will require a roof repair in Ilderton, but it is the day-to-day stuff that needs our attention for the most part. When we have a weather event, like a windstorm, we will diligently investigate our roofing system for damage, but we should bring that level of diligence to inspections we should routinely perform on our roofing systems. If we don't pay careful attention to our roofing systems, we will see that the condition of our shingles has been eroding and a roof repair will be the only way to cover the areas that the damaged shingles have exposed for water to leak in. Other areas that should flag our attention is the nature of the damage the shingles have experienced, cracked or curled shingles can be the result of years of abuse and those small crevices are where the water damage starts.
  • Another section of the roofing system that bears scrutiny is the valleys that start the water moving to the rain gutters and downspouts. The valleys need to be on an angle to help the water move with the help of gravity and when they flatten out – due to water damage inside the roof that has caused the trusses or rafters to become infected with wood or dry rot. In the flat areas, water will seek the path of least resistance and could end up in the attic creating, even more, problems that are present.
  • If the valleys are meeting expectations, the water they move will end up at the rain gutters to be moved on to the next stage of drainage at the downspouts. The channels for the rain gutters have to be empty – or free of debris – if not the pace of drainage is slowed and if enough buildup is present it could force the water to spill down the side of the house. Pooling around foundations or accumulating in window wells is not where you want the water to drain too – it creates more problems and water damage to be cleaned up.
  • Skylights and a working chimney will certainly enhance the quality of life you enjoy in your home, but they are problematic from a watertight seal standpoint. As we have mentioned, water will drain and in no particular place unless it is directed to do so. That means we need to assure our skylights and chimneys are waterproofed on our roofing system. You wouldn’t think that a thin line of caulking is all that stands in the way of water damage on your roof but that is how a skylight or chimney is sealed to the roof. Caulking can degrade or fail when it reaches its end of life cycle – if the failure is at the skylight- you will know when you see a small puddle directly under the skylight. But if the chimney caulking seal or the brickwork are failing you may not know for a number of years, and who knows how much damage has been caused by that time or what the expense will be to repair the problem. If you can develop a maintenance schedule to check the gutters and seals on your roof, you can avoid costly repairs in the future.

The Ilderton Fair proclaims they are one of the largest fairs in Ontario, and judging by the crowds that attend they couldn’t be too far wrong. Entertaining thousands of people for a week or so has given the community a reputation as a welcoming one and when the fair ends this year they start planning for next year.

As famous as the community is, they know from time to time a roof repair will be required and they know to contact us at AM Roofing Solutions when the time is right. A free roof inspection, a no-cost meeting, and free estimate can be yours when calling us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900

Roof Repair in Ilderton

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