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Roof Repair in Grand Bend

When you bought your house a few years ago, you knew it was going to be a project, but it had the right price point and you figured that over time the repairs that would need to be made could be done as necessary rather than taking care of them now. So far, so good, most of the repairs have been made inside the house and now you are left with the repairs you want to make outside the home and they are being done slowly but surely. The last thing you need to do is replace the old, pan-style garage door – you hated it form the moment you saw it and nothing has changed in the interval. But, a couple of financial emergencies have come up, replacing the furnace, and the water damage from the frozen pipes come to mind as an interruption for the garage door rehab, and the new car you needed to get to work threw you off schedule, and practicality gave way to design when you thought about the working garage door. At last, you find yourself in a position to update the old garage door and you go looking for a style that will work with your home. Once the new door has been identified, it is only a matter of installation to improve the look of your house. As an accountant, you are well aware of the costs and how the door will improve your equity position but you have no idea how to install the garage door and the company who sold it to you offered an installation as part of their service, so you purchased an installation also. Proven professionals with plenty of institutional knowledge have made the garage door installation a simple chore and you are glad you consulted experts for the update for your home.

When you need a roof repair in Grand Bend, finding a professional contractor is paramount to the success of a roof repair in Grand Bend. Many people hold themselves out as professional contractors, but how do you know if they can do the work for a roof repair in Grand Bend. You don’t, that is why you need to do your homework before you hire anybody for a roof repair in Grand Bend, and after you learn what you need to know, you will call us at AM Roofing Solutions. We have more than 60-years experience in the roofing trade and our service technicians could be professors at universities if they worked in academia based on the work they tender for a roof repair in Grand Bend. Our family plays an important role in all our work – they have been on the ladders and roofs for homeowners all across Ontario for the past three generations and they know how to provide industry standard work for a roof repair in Grand Bend. Once the roof repair in Grand Bend has been finished to the customer’s satisfaction, we issue a warranty for a decade to cover any problems after the fact.

Roof repair in Grand Bend meet the challenge today

  • When we let minor irritants fester they become small problems then big problems if ignored and we can safely say that we learned that lesson early on in our lives. When we view our roof and we see shingles that are flapping in the breeze this isn’t a minor irritant, it is a problem that needs a roof repair in Grand Bend. Shingles come loose for a reason, and if one is loose then there are more that will come right off the roof during a windstorm. Other defects that can cause a roof repair are cracked shingles, curled or eroding shingles are also in need of attention to and if you get to these problems early, they become a quick fix that cost very little. But, if you ignore the problem or take your time to get a repair made, you are letting water into your home with all the problems that come with invasive water in your roofing system.
  • Water needs to be moved off the roof and away from the home and there is a system in place to help with the drainage. It is the valleys that start the process, they consolidate water into the rain gutters and it is sent through the downspouts to the ground. You can see if the valleys are substandard by watching water drain off the roof during a rainstorm or you can check the attic for water stains to get an idea of what the extent of the damage may be to the valleys. If you see watermarks on the decking or the insulation has been compromised in an area of two – water is making its way in because it isn’t being sent to the rain gutters and that is trouble for the supports of your roof. Wood rot, dry rot or mold are the scourge of a roofing system and when it has been subjected to the type of damage that occurs from leaking water it is a heavy financial burden to bear.
  • If water is freely flowing from the valleys it will be accepted at the rain gutters for dispersal at ground level. It is sent to the ground via the downspout network for release away from your home’s foundation. Rain gutters do most of the heavy lifting for the drainage system so it is very important they remain free of any materials that could slow or impede the flow of water to the downspouts. If leaves accumulate or any other substance gets in the channels it will force water over the sides of the channels if not cleaned out occasionally. Another problem that related to the buildup is the weight of the buildup. Wet leaves are very heavy and could create a scenario where the gutters pull away from the house under the crushing weight of the wet leaves and water cascades down the side of the house as a result.
  • Vents, skylights, and chimneys pose a risk to the roofing system due to the way they are installed on the roof. The attachments require a hole to be cut into the roof for installation and then a bead of caulking is used to seal the attachments to the house and prevent water from leaking in. Caulking will shrink, crack or evaporate and when it does – those openings are the places water will enter your roofing system and your home. With a skylight, water entry is obvious, with a vent or a chimney not so much – so you need to check on these attachments regularly to keep the caulking seal intact.

Grand Bend is sun worshipper’s paradise, sitting on Lake Huron; it is the site of many outdoor festivals and bashes in Grand Bend every summer where it seems like the sun is always shining.

For residents that need roofing work, they know there will be work party when they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions for help. For a free estimate, no-obligation meeting and free roof inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Grand Bend

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