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Roof Repair in Fingal

One of the things that drew you to the house you purchased a few years ago was an automatic garage door opener that was part of the must-haves on the list that you made up when you went house hunting. Over time, use and abuse – ball hockey in the driveway and the garage door as the end boards – have left your garage door in need of service. It seems that the door just won’t open all the way anymore and it has become an irritant – because you can’t park your car in the garage. After an initial inspection and some tinkering with the door opener, you are still stuck with a door that only opens halfway up. You think the worst when you call a garage door specialist because a replacement door or mechanism to open the door could be a costly venture that you would hope to avoid. Once there, the repairman finds the source of the problem and he provided a repair that gets your garage door opening and closing. That is great news with winter coming, you can park the car in the garage and it won’t be a million degrees below zero when need to get in and start the car for work.

It takes but a second to call a professional to get repairs made around your home and a roof repair in Fingal should be one of those repairs. DIY work for roof repairs in Fingal is never a good idea unless of course, you are a roofer – and most of us are not. You need to hire a roofing contractor when you know that you have problems on the roof and a roof repair in Fingal is the difference between a secure and cozy environment and one that is at risk of the elements. Call us at AM Roofing Solutions when you need a roof repair in Fingal because we can provide all the services you need when you need a roof repair in Fingal. Our company has been creating stabile roofing systems through repairs and replacements for over 60 years – and our team of professionals is the best in southwestern Ontario. When we work on a roof repair in Fingal, our family will be on-site to help with all the work necessary for a roof repair in Fingal. It has been that way since our inception – the family has been working in the business for three generations and their work demonstrates quality and will extend the longevity of your roofing system. Once the work has been done and the site cleaned up, our project manager will leave a warranty for labour that is 10-years long to cover anything happens after the fact.

Roof repair in Fingal, timing is everything

  • In life, timing is everything, and if you can catch a small problem before it becomes a big one it will be money saved. There are elements of your roofing system that will tell you when you need a roof repair in Fingal, and it start with the shingles. If you notice, chips or shingles in the grass around the roof you know you have problems. Other signs of decay of the shingles will be demonstrated by rounding corners or split shingles – if you see these problems call a contractor right away for a roof repair in Fingal. The opening in the shingle array will allow water to infiltrate your roofing system and bigger problems will ensue.
  • The next thing that might shed light on roofing problems is the performance of the valleys that move water across the roof to the rain gutters. They perform an important function in the drainage process and if they aren’t moving water – it is sitting and or pooling – and that is a leak into the roofing system looking for an entry point. If you have flat spots on the roof it is another clue that you have had water damage previously without your knowledge. The trusses and or rafters could have been compromised by water damage and they have warped or bowed due to the water problems. If this is the case, you need major roof surgery to correct this problem, because your roof could fall in because the trusses or rafters won’t support the weight the roof.
  • Once the water travels from the valleys to the rain gutters it should be clear sailing to get the water to the ground and away from the house through the downspout system. But some things have to be going right with the rain gutters to be able to move the water. First, they have to clear to move the water, any buildup will cause water to back-up or flow more slowly creating an opportunity for the water to find a crevice in your roofing system and enter your home. Spin-off problems that buildup causes are water overflowing the channels and down the sides of a house or if the weight is too great for the supports of the rain gutters, they could heave away from the house leaving a gap for water to freely run down the side of the house. If you have your gutters inspected on a regularly scheduled basis, this problem can be eliminated before it starts.
  • One more thing for the vigilant homeowner to look into is the state of the attachments on the roofing system, namely skylights or chimneys that happen be present on the roof. These two inserts on the roofing system are fixed to the roof and are sealed with a caulking material to create a watertight seal between the seal and the hole in the roof. Caulking is great for waterproofing but it can fail if left too long without a replacement – caulking can shrink due to heat exposure or it could crack and that will leave entry points into your roofing system that will only come to the fore in the event of a rain shower. With a skylight, water entry will likely appear on the floor below the skylight, if the chimney has a leak it could be years before you know it and a huge repair bill is a direct result. If you are inspecting the rain gutters, take time out to look at the skylight and chimney too, it is a decision that you will be glad you made.

A popular destination for residents of Fingal and visitors too is the Fingal Wildlife Management Area, where visitors can see plenty of flora and fauna during a walking tour of the area.

When they residents need advice about their roofing system, they know we at AM Roofing Solutions will walk them through all the problems and provide effective solutions to solve their problems. For a no-cost meeting, free estimate and roofing system inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Fingal

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