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Roof Repair in Exeter, ON

For months now, your wife has been at you to do something about the garage door, specifically why it won’t open when she needs to park her car in the garage. She reminds you that groceries are heavy and transporting them from the driveway to the kitchen is a chore she gets no help with so it might be high time to get the garage door repaired to keep peace in the family. As any man will do, you go to the garage to see if you if can spot the source of the problem, armed with a YouTube video and some ‘good advice’ from the next-door neighbour, you embark on your mission to repair the garage door. After rooting around with the mechanism for opening and closing the door and inspecting other aspects of the operation of the door, you find the problem, a broken spring that provides the tension to open and close the door. It is cracked in half and hanging down, and it explains the loud bang you heard the last time the door opened and closed the door. A call to a garage door company and a repairman on the way and your wife should be able to open and close the door in no time. A replacement spring is installed; a couple of tests and the door is as good as new, and you have peace in your time on the home front. While you were looking at the garage door, you could have sworn you saw a shingle fly off your roof in the breeze.

While you may not be an expert on all things roofing, but, you know the shingles are supposed to stay on the roof, not the ground – so back to the phone you go, to hire someone for a roof repair in Exeter to prevent further problems from developing. A quick search reveals that there are many contractors who can provide a roof repair in Exeter, but you aren’t sure who will provide the best solution at the best price for your roof repair in Exeter. Talking over the fence with that helpful neighbour who gave you some information about garage doors and you find out that he had a roof repair in Exeter and our company, AM Roofing Solutions, provided it. We have supplied many a roof repair in Exeter and why because we have been in business for over 60-years and we are a trusted contractor when it comes to a roof repair in Exeter. Part of our reputation was built on quality-workmanship for a roof repair in Exeter, and the other part of our reputation was built on trust. Establishing the trust and providing the quality-workmanship for your roof repair in Exeter is our crack crew who are the journeymen’s journeymen of our trade. Working on any roofing problem in the field is our family – they have taken up the challenge of providing a quality roof repair for the better part of three generations and the work is always excellent. Once we have prosecuted your roof repair in Exeter with extreme diligence, we will issue a warranty for the workmanship that has a 10-year cycle attached to cover any problems that could be experienced down the line.

Roof repair in Exeter, get the facts before you commit

  • A roof repair for your home is an absolute, either you need one or you don’t and if you need one, some clear and present facts will help the decision an easy one. But, you have to invest a little sweat equity to get the details and when you need them – like checking for missing shingles, cracked or curled shingles, or eroding shingles, will help shed light on the problems. These clues will reveal that the roof needs some tender loving care and it is best to have a contractor lay new shingles to cover the roof repair you need. If gaps or opening on roofing system isn't closed upon discovery, they will continue to allow water to gain a foothold in your roofing system with the ensuing damage that water does when it enters a home.
  • Next step to take when gathering information about your roofing system is to examine the valleys that help with the drainage of water from the roof. One way to test the integrity of the valleys is from the inside of the house, check the trusses and rafters if they feel wet or have a soft, spongy feel to them they have been damaged by water that was pooling on the roof instead of running down the valleys to the rain gutters. This problem could cause a roofing system’s demise – when the supports are experiencing wood rot or dry rot from water infection – the roofing system could see a wholesale repair and the costs could total thousands of dollars. It is more than important that you take time out of your day to check on the roofing system from the inside, otherwise you risk financial problems when a huge repair comes your way unannounced.
  • The valleys are working and shingles are holding just fine, so next thing on the list for inspection is the rain gutters that receive water from the roofing system and send it to the ground. This is a two-stage operation as the gutters work with the downspout system to get the water to the ground and away from the foundation. Water flows best when not encumbered by anything in the gutter channels – buildup means water backlog and that isn’t in the best interests of the roofing system. Leaks or water flowing over the channels are a problem – not mention the damage that buildup causes in the channels themselves. Cracks or holes can develop and water will leak from those areas – if the buildup is too heavy for the rain gutter supports to hold the gutter will pull away from the fascia and it is all water all the time down the side of your house.
  • The last thing that should be up for an inspection is the skylights and the chimney that may be placed on the roof by a previous owner or an upgrade you added to your home. Both items create an improved quality of life – natural light in any room is a good thing and a rip-roaring fire on a cold winter’s night creates a cozy atmosphere. But the risks involved with both additions are found in the caulking sealant that is used to waterproof both attachments. Caulking will degrade like any other substance and if that happens, leaks are inevitable. A check of the rain gutters should lead a homeowner to the skylights and chimney for an inspection and upgrade if needed.

In Exeter, they have a white squirrel as the town’s mascot – some think that it was evil spirits who created the white squirrel as a way to scare the town’s inhabitants when it was first discovered around Halloween in the early 1900’s.

When the residents of Exeter need roofing work, they aren’t afraid to call us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a no-cost meeting, free estimate and roof inspection, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Exeter, ON

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