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Roof Repair in Dutton

You're out on the weekend with friends, playing pick-up hockey, and the game is going well, the score is tight and the competition is fierce. It is the Beer League paradise of play, plenty of trash talk, lots of missed passes and the occasional goal that gets the benches chirping. Then it happens, and unwanted collision at centre ice and an injury to your knee. At the point of impact, you heard the ‘pop’ and thought this couldn’t be good. After all, you play in a non-contact league for that very reason, to keep injuries down and keep the game competitive but fun. The hit was purely accidental, two skaters heading in different directions meeting at an intersection point that for intents and purposes was a once in a lifetime meeting. But you are hurt and have to leave the game – out for the season – after an examination at the hospital with the bad news delivered. You have torn a ligament in your knee and need surgery to repair the knee and a few weeks off your feet to allow for the healing process to take hold. While the injury isn’t considered a major one, it has you laid up and is interrupting your ability to make a living. Fortunately, you are insured at work for just such an event and the financial hit will be tough to take, it could’ve been worse. When emergency home repairs come our way, it is important to remember that the repair we make today is the replacement we avoid tomorrow and that should be the cold consolation when it comes time to address the problems around our home.

For a roof repair in Dutton, you are in effect performing emergency surgery on your roof with a roof repair in Dutton. When the system is breached and water is allowed to work its way through your system, the only solution is a roof repair in Dutton to keep water from spreading through the entire roofing system. When a roof repair in Dutton becomes necessary for whatever reason, you need a roofing contractor to act as your emergency surgeon to fix the problem. There isn’t an emergency ward for your roofing system so you need to source a contractor to provide the roof repair in Dutton that your roofing system sorely needs. Our company may not have a medical degree, but we sure know how to operate on a roof and provide the roof repair you need in Dutton. We are AM Roofing Solutions, a company that has over 60-plus-years in the roofing business and we have been curing roofing problems with some of the best tradesmen in the business. Working with our trade’s team is our family, they have been manning the ladders and moving shingles for three generations and their contributions are well documented. Once the roof repair in Dutton is a thing of the past we have a 10-year warranty for the labour we supply to protect the homeowner against any problems that may come up later.

Roof repair in Dutton, it won’t hurt a bit

  • When you hurt your knee at the rink, you knew you had an injury because you experienced pain and restricted movement because your knee was injured. But, when we have roofing problems, we don’t get the same kind of warning signs because we don’t know when our roof is in ‘pain.’ The shingles are the first line of defense for a roofing system and it is the first place a roof repair in Dutton will need to be made. Shingles take the lion’s share of the damage on the roof due to exposure and when the shingles become cracked, curled or are missing from the roof, get a contractor while the repair is a simple and inexpensive one.
  • Another fact of life with a roofing system is it must move water the ground to an effective part of the overall good health of the home. Water is moved via valleys that collect water during a rain shower and they, in turn, move the water to the rain gutters, and then on to the downspouts for release on the ground. If the valleys are failing it could be difficult to notice – how many times have we stood in the rain looking at our roofing systems – not often, I’ll bet. The way to find out if the valleys are a problem is to look in the attic for watermarks or collapsed insulation – these signals say that water has leaked in the attic. Once water is in the attic it will be absorbed by dry wood – like the rafters and trusses – this will create a problem that is major repair because rafters and trusses support the roof and they can’t if they are wet and have been weakened by water. Water will pool where the trusses and rafters are weak and have flattened out creating potential openings for more water to enter your roofing system.
  • You have working valleys and shingles that are getting the water across the roofing system and they send the water runoff to the rain gutters. Once in the gutters, the water should proceed to the ground through the downspout system – and these two systems should work seamlessly together. If you have leaves or any other type of debris in your gutters they work less efficiently to the point of water standing in the gutters or spilling over if the accumulation of water is more than the rain gutters can accommodate. Water spillover can have harmful effects in other places around your home – like the foundation – and that is another big expense that can be avoided if you keep the gutters clean.
  • Skylights and chimneys are an afterthought for most homeowners, they pose no problems that a homeowner is aware of and they sit on the roof doing whatever a chimney and a skylight are supposed to do – vent smoke from a fireplace and let in natural light. But they have a risk factor attached to them for water leakage – caulking is the sealer that keeps the water out and it is applied to the circumference of each item. If the caulking starts to crack or shrink due to age or abuse water will come in as sure as grass grows green. Inspecting the gutters and the skylights and chimneys is a no-cost preventative maintenance activity that will provide security for years and it is a small price to pay to keep your roofing system in good condition.

Dutton is another one of the small town Ontario communities that went by a couple of different names before they settled on Dutton. First Bennettville was the town nom de guerre, then Lisgar for a time, and after the arrival of the railroad it was named Dutton after an important railway engineer.

When problems necessitate solutions on the roof, residents in Dutton go with the best and that is us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a free roofing system inspection, a no-obligation meeting and free estimate, call our office today at 1.877.281.6900. 

Roof Repair in Dutton

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