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Roof Repair in Dorchester

The weather is unpredictable, trained meteorologists can't predict it with any regularity, but they can read tendencies that help prepare people for what is about to come. Certainly, the weatherman can see a storm coming across the radar, and tell us of the impending rainstorm that is a couple of hundred miles away. Sometimes they can tell you the intensity of a storm, not always is it as bad as it sounds, but, it is better to be prepared than unaware of the potential for trouble. For the most part, storms come and go and leave little in the way of damage in their wake, but in other instances, the damage can be catastrophic. Hurricanes can devastate entire States when they make landfall and cause billions of dollars in damages. Fortunately, in Canada, we don’t see much in the way of hurricanes, but we get our share of wind events and ice and snow when Old Man Winter is feeling his oats. This can cause all sorts of trouble for a homeowner; damage to the roofing system will force a roof repair in Dorchester whether you wanted one or not as emergencies aren’t contingencies to be dealt with at a later date. No, a roof repair in Dorchester needs to happen immediately with the financing to be dealt with later.

First order of business after a severe weather event is to protect your home with a roof repair in Dorchester to get the hole closed up that a fallen branch has caused or replacing the shingles that have been dislodged when a windstorm has blown through. Either way, a roof repair in Dorchester is in your future and the costs be damned. Maintaining your roofing system, like anything else in our home presents clear advantages like a secure home, but it also adds to the value of the home and that is why we purchase a roof repair in Dorchester when we need one. When we have a problem that is an emergency and we need a roof repair in Dorchester, we engage in a frenetic search to find the right contractor to administrate our roof repair in Dorchester.

The long and short of it is that you don’t have to engage in a panicked search for help, call us at AM Roofing Solutions for the roof repair in Dorchester that you need. After 60-or-so-years in the roofing business, you could think we know a little bit about a roof repair in Dorchester, and when we come to your home for a roof repair in Dorchester, we will validate that opinion. We have a crew that is second to none for the work they provide, all are trained in the best practices of the industry and their journeymen status as tradesmen says the crew has risen to the highest ranks of their trade. Supporting our skilled trades team is our family – for three generations that have made the work go smoothly and their contributions are well respected in our business. When you invest a lot of money in a roof repair, you expect it to last and so do we, that is why we issue a 10-year labour warranty at the conclusion of every roof repair we do, it is our commitment to work we provide.

Roof repair in Dorchester, a necessity that can’t be avoided

  • Going short or economizing on home repairs is never a recipe for success because in life, you only get what you pay and roof repair that is done on the cheap means the results will be, well, cheap. To start with your tour of your roofing system, the shingles are the first stop for your investigation. Once you see the shingles aren't symmetrical – square and covering a certain area – they are in trouble. The damage will be as plain as the nose on your face because you can see the damage first-hand – shingles that are missing, curled, or cracked, definitely cry out to be replaced to protect your home from the invasion of water. Catching problems early is what keeps repair costs down so look at the shingles now and then, your wallet will thank you.
  • The roofing system works with integrated parts that move water and keep the home covered. Shingles keep the cover tight and they move water with the help of the valleys that are stationed in the roofing system. The valleys get the water started moving down the roofing system to the rain gutters, then away from the building. Valleys can be affected by water leakage in the roofing system and you will know it when you see water pooling on the roof. It should tell you that you have compromised supports in the roofing system and the water pooling is directly related to previous water damage. Flat spots form when depressions in the rafters or trusses flatten due to water damage and that could be the death of the entire system.
  • Valleys working with the shingles send the water to the rain gutters and if all systems are a go, the water will be expelled from the roofing system through the downspouts system. Keeping the gutters clear of debris means they function at 100 per cent – anything less restricts their ability to move water and that can have consequences. Buildup can push the gutters away from the fascia under the weight of the buildup and water drains everywhere except where it is supposed to go. Water accumulating around the foundation of your house is never a good problem to have, and water in the basement is a result of poor roof drainage.
  • The last things that will threaten your roofing system are the articles you have installed on it, like a chimney or a skylight. Both are great design features to have but they also pose a risk of water damage due to leaks where they are sealed to the roof. Chimneys and skylights are fixed to the roofing system with caulking to keep the water out – but caulking has been known to fail from time to time. A quick check now and then will help a homeowner keep tabs on the condition on the skylights and chimney caulking and when little problems start they can be taken care right away with an aggressive maintenance schedule.

Dorchester is known as the Slo-Pitch Softball Capital of Canada, they have many recreation facilities that promote the game and they host visitors every weekend for tournaments that help grease the local economy.

To get a quality roof repair, you don’t have to hit a ball out of the park, connecting with us at AM Roofing Solutions will be the only thing you need to do. For a free roof inspection, no-obligation meeting and free estimate, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Dorchester 

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