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Roof Repair in Chatham-Kent

Home maintenance is the bane of every homeowner, just when you think you are caught up on the work to keep your home in pristine condition, another project pops up and it is likely to cause an unforeseen expense. When a roof repair in Chatham-Kent is part of the next round of home maintnenace projects, call us at AM Roofing Solutions.

We have a track record for roof repair in Chatham-Kent that spans over 60 years because we use highly qualified roofing technicians. They are well versed in the latest techniques for a roof repair in Chatham-Kent and all our service techs are local to the region. We provide a 10-year workmanship warranty to cover any roof repair in Chatham-Kent that is something our competitors don’t.

Signs of problems

  • The first sign of trouble can be found in the shingle system. If shingles have stated to curl, crack or have been blown off the roof in a storm a roof repair in Chatham-Kent to cover the exposed areas is a necessity. When we perform a roof repair in Chatham-Kent, we will check the attic insulation also. The attic insulation is an important part of any roofing system as it acts as a thermostat to protect the shingles from overheating and it prevents shingle damage that will lead to a roof repair in Chatham-Kent.
  • If there are skylights or a chimney above your roofing system it is important that the seals for these items are watertight. If the caulking has receded due to age or exposure, a quick roof repair in Chatham-Kent can correct the problem with minimal cost.
  • Valleys in the roofing system are prone to degradation if water cant be channeled to the the rain gutters and downspouts. An inspection of the valleys to determine if they are watertight is a simple job and if the valleys are absorbing water a roof repair in Chatham-Kent can eliminate the problem.
  • The rain gutters and the downspouts receive the water run-off and to effectively do their jobs they must be able to run the water away from the roof and the home’s structure. If they aren’t working in concert as designed a roof repair in Chatham-Kent can get the systems running at 100 per cent efficiency.

In the area that is home to Uncle Tom’s Cabin, contact us today at AM Roofing Solutions for a roof repair in Chatham-Kent, for a free estimate and no obligation consultation at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Repair in Chatham-Kent

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