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Roof Repair in Camlachie

If you have ever watched a western, one of the things you should notice right off is the lack of amenities that were available to the people who made frontier life and a pioneer existence theirs. No running water, no electricity, no climate controlled environment – water was drawn from a well, light was the creation of an oil lamp and heat came from a fireplace or a pot belly stove that served to cook meals as well. Talk about multi-tasking, the stove had it all and the hearth of a cabin or home was the family centre – meals were enjoyed together and the family would spend time together maintaining the bonds that keep them close. Fast-forward a 100 or so years and my how things have changed. Running water, electricity, and heat from a furnace instead of a stove and you have a climate-controlled environment based on a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC). The development of this system created conveniences where now existed and improved the quality of life for the residents of the modern home. But, the development of technology to sustain a pleasant environment came with failures to the system when it broke down. The HVAC system is a combination of fuel and electricity to maintain median temperature throughout the four seasons and it is sometimes sensitive to problems that can cause breakdowns. Between electrical systems that run the climate control to actual burning of fuel and the distribution of heat – the HVAC has a lot that could go wrong. When problems make themselves evident an HVAC system repair is the only thing that will get everything working again to get the temperature we are looking for in our homes in summer or winter.

Another equally important system controls the climate in our homes and it is our roofing system. Insulation and proper coverage for the roofing structure will help keep the cold or heat at bay and when the roofing system has a problem and you need a roof repair in Camlachie, the first thing you do look for help. That comes in the form a roofing contractor who has the experience and expertise to provide a roof repair in Camlachie. Certainly, there are many companies that hold themselves out as experts for a roof repair in Camlachie, but you don’t know until you do some research. You need to get some feedback about work previously tendered when you are discussing a roof repair in Camlachie with a trusted source, and they should mention us at AM Roofing Solutions. We have an outstanding track record when it comes to roofing work and we bring our A-game for any roof repair in Camlachie. It all started for our company back in the 1950’s – yes, those 1950’s before cell phones and the Internet – and we built a reputation for quality work that our rivals couldn’t compete with and our reputation grew by leaps and bounds. It helped too that we were good at hiring roofing technicians and their work is as good as comes when you need a roof repair in Camlachie. We would be remiss in our accounting our skills and abilities if we didn’t mention our family’s contribution – for three generations they have been a stable part of our roofing teams. Once our staff has prosecuted your roof repair in Camlachie, they will present a 10-year labour warranty for the work – this has been company policy since we first started swinging a hammer and will continue as long as we are the preeminent roofing company in southwestern Ontario.

Roof repair in Camlachie, seeing flaws

  • Your roofing system is made up of a few different things that channel water off the roof and keep it out of the attic. When one or more of the systems fail, a roof repair in Camlachie will be what you need to restore the integrity of the system. The first sign something may be wrong will come from your shingles – they do the most work and have the highest incidence of failure. If you have an idea what you are looking for the shingles will tell a story, if they have sustained damage, have broken down due to wear or have been ripped off the roof during a windstorm, you need a roof repair in Camlachie to keep water outside your home. 
  •  Another one of the water movers on your roof is the valleys that shuttle the water that falls during a rainstorm from the top of the roof to the rain gutters. It is important they work at peak operational efficiency otherwise water will sit or pool on the roof. When that is transpiring, you should be aware that you have bigger problems than just the valleys failing. Rafters and trusses support the roofing system and when they absorb water when it leaks in. They don’t always dry, creating a mold problem or if they do dry they can warp and that is where the pooling problems occur. This is major 911-problem for the roof and a homeowner has no choice but to take corrective action when this problem is discovered.
  •  Once the water is sent to the roofing system’s edge, it falls into the rain gutters that are located around the circumference of the roof. Water is whisked away in the channel of the gutters and through the downspouts where it is ejected away from the house. You can’t have anything taking up space in the gutters, like leaves or other debris – if you have the material buildup it will prevent the gutters from moving water, and in many cases, the water spills over the gutters. Rain gutters are susceptible to damage from outside forces like tree branches and other materials that can cause holes or cracks to appear in the gutters. This creates water drainage in a manner that has unintended consequences written all over it and compounds the water problem on the ground when puddles form.
  • Lastly, chimneys and skylights are a threat to a roofing system, but, thankfully, a little preventative maintenance will cure the problem. Both items are sealed to your roofing system with caulking and it can erode causing shrinkage or crack under stress of cold temperatures. This is like opening a wind during a rainstorm and inviting water to spill into your home. If you have a rain gutters inspection regularly, have the skylights and chimney checked at the same time.

Camlachie is another one of our rural farming communities that feeds the province of Ontario and it has been that way for over 200 years. The railway didn’t quite make it to Camlachie until many years after expansion into southwestern Ontario, so its growth was muted to an extent in comparison to other communities in the area.

A roof repair can visit anyone’s home and when it does in Camlachie, the residents know that AM Roofing Solutions has them covered. For a no-obligation meeting, a free roofing system inspection, and free estimate call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Camlachie

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