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Roof Repair in Aylmer

You are driving down the street and your car comes to a complete stop – you heard a big bang and thought nothing of it until the car suddenly ceased to move. Blocking traffic, you exit your car to look at what the problem might be and you see it. Your right front wheel is sitting at a 90-degree angle to the wheel well and you inherently know that this is going to be bad. Tow truck to the rescue and you are on the way to the garage to get the bad news from your local auto mechanic. After a thorough evaluation, the mechanic advises that you have a CV boot that has failed and your front end will need major repairs to get the car roadworthy again. The repair, while expensive and necessary, is much cheaper than replacing the car, you authorize the repair and sit and wait until the car is done. Many people find themselves stuck on the road when mechanical breakdowns force their car to stop functioning and it is the surprise factor that haunts most people. They ask themselves what they were thinking or how did they miss the early warnings signs? They missed the signs because they don’t have a mechanic’s license and they aren’t schooled in the finer points of how a car’s suspension works and what the problems cause mechanical failures. Around the house, we can be hit be the same surprise repairs to any of our systems, and when it is a roof repair in Aylmer, it can never come at a good time.

The roofing system plays a crucial role in a home’s good health and a roof repair in Aylmer is never taken lightly. For the most part, any repair is prioritized, but a roof repair in Aylmer is one that is done when it is identified – water leaking in the home is nothing to trifle with – and long-term damage to your home is the result. When problems with our roofing system have come up, we need to hire someone with the ability and experience to provide a roof repair in Aylmer and that is when a contractor comes in. You need someone who has an innate understanding of all things roofing to provide a roof repair in Aylmer and the company for you is AM Roofing Solutions. Our company has had our ‘shingle’ hung out for more than 60-years and over that time we have developed a deep well of experience. When we execute on a roof repair in Aylmer, we bring the best tradesmen in southwestern Ontario to do the work. Working with the trades team is our family – for the past three generations, they have made the effort to provide quality workmanship that will eliminate problems going forward. When the work is finished, our site manager will issue a 10-year workmanship warranty for your roof repair in Aylmer in keeping with our founder’s policy for quality work.

Roof repair in Aylmer, learning is fundamental

  • You don’t need to be the Oracle of Delphi to know when a roofing problem is in your future, you need to recognize when trouble is on the horizon to prompt a roof repair in Aylmer. The shingles can provide the first clue to the condition of your roofing system based on their physical appearance. Shingles are square, and they cover a specific area; the shingles are supported by overlapped shingles to maintain a watertight seal for your roof. If the shingles don’t appear in a rectangle form that covers the area where they are installed or appear to have cracks, rounded edges or chips, a roof repair in Aylmer will need to be made to stop water from making its’ way into your home.
  • The valleys on the roof have an important job, and that is to move water from the top of the roof to the rain gutters when rain is falling. Sounds straightforward, but in some instances, not so much. Valleys can flatten out if the supports don’t maintain a pitch to help with the drainage, and that is cause for alarm. It says that water has been making its way into the system for some time and it has jeopardized the trusses and rafters. This is probably the worst of all problems for a roofing system as it a major repair that comes with a major cost. Looking at the decking in your attic can help minimize the problem when you catch it when it is still just forming rather than when you have had sustained damage over time.
  • A home’s best friend for water drainage is the rain gutters that are attached to the fascia and work in tandem with the downspouts. They are the receiver of water from other sections of the roof and then they move to the downspouts for release at ground level. To keep water running away from the house, the rain gutters must be free of impediments that could prevent drainage. Leaves and debris from trees are the biggest threat the rain gutters face, clogs can ensue forcing water over the sides of the rain gutters or the sheer weight of the trash in the gutters can pull them away from the fascia. In either situation, the problem becomes where is water going and where will it end up.
  • Finally, when inspecting your roofing system for problems the last contentious items are the attachments you have residing on your roof. Those items might be skylights or a chimney that was part of the house when you purchased it. Both items are sealed the roof with caulking to prevent water leaks, but the thing with caulking is faded or fails. Once the caulking has heaved or cracked or experienced shrinkage, it becomes a doorway for water to enter, will all the evident damage that water can do. To keep a lid on problems, a short inspection tour of your roofing system will help identify trouble when it is beginning and proactive action can be taken when you see trouble.

Aylmer has been the community to launch many of the province’s Police Officers, they host the provincial police college and raw-boned recruits cut their policing teeth in the community.

Roofing problems don’t need a police investigation, but they do need the services of a competent roofing company like us at AM Roofing Solutions. When you roofing problems outstrip your ability to solve them, we have a free estimate, roof inspection and free consultation for you when you call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Aylmer

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