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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Wyoming

It is the worst heat wave in the last decade, even the rocks are sweating, but you think that things aren’t so bad because your home air conditioner is doing its job keeping the home chilled and the family happy. It never fails, when we need something the most it is generally the time when it fails and your air conditioner is on the fritz with the humidity soaring. You take a look at it, but really what can you do about – you're not an HVAC guy and your knowledge of air conditioning are limited to turning it on and off. Your wife has the problem solved; she has called the people who installed for you to provide the repair you need to get the house cool again. It happens that way across many sectors – a professional repair for a household service that is beyond the scope of the homeowner to do himself. An eavestrough replacement in Wyoming, a fascia replacement in Wyoming and soffit replacement in Wyoming needs a professional roofing contractor to take care of business. Our company, AM Roofing Solutions is the company to take the problems and make solutions out them with our superior talent and excellent workmanship for your home’s roofing problems.

Don’t get blindsided, keep an eye on your eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • If you haven’t been paying attention to your eavestrough, it could end up like your air conditioner, on the fritz during a severe rainstorm. Bottlenecks in the system are the bane of an eavestrough that is why it is solid decision to have an eavestrough replacement in Wyoming to prevent the buildup in the channel and keep the water streaming to the ground through the downspout system. The material in the channel can poses unique challenges for the eavestrough, like maintaining contact with the building – the excess weight will draw the eavestrough away from the house and an eavestrough replacement in Wyoming will constitute the work necessary for relief for the drainage system. Wet leaves in the rain gutter channel are the biggest problem a rain gutter faces when the problem occurs at your home get a rain gutter repair in Wyoming to clear the channel to drain water from your roof. If the materials that inhabit the rain gutter have created holes or cracks, get a rain gutter replacement in Wyoming to keep the water out of the flower beds and in an area that it was designated to go to.


  • The fascia is under pressure from a couple of places, one on the roof, and one inside the roof in the attic. It starts when water is moving out of the rain gutter because you have debris in the channel, the fascia is installed under the eavestrough and it gets the water when it first leaves the channel. After a period of time, the fascia will become ‘waterlogged’ and start to expand, that is the onset of wood rot. A fascia repair in Wyoming can get the rotted strip of wood out of the system and prevent further problems from developing. The problem we are talking about is black mold and it will grow anywhere, when it starts in the fascia, a fascia replacement in Wyoming has the potential to kill the bacteria growth and help sustain your healthy, safe environment. Water damage can come in many forms and places you’d never expect, like our attics. Insulation is the key to meeting the problem head-on, if you have enough insulation in the attic, you prevent heat transfer to the shingles. This is important in the winter because the transfer that is prevented will stop snow from melting and creating ice dams later in the day. The ice dams will create havoc at the eavestrough and fascia and then you have to create a plan to solve three problems.


  • Another problem that develops in the attic is humidity; the humidity can destabilize the rafters and joists because they will absorb the wet air and rot – a lot like the fascia, just a little slower. A soffit is designed to get dry air into the attic, a panel filled with holes that are the transportation channels to get the air in. A soffit repair in Wyoming can be enacted any time to keep the holes working well and the wet, moist at air at a minimum in the attic. Consequently, opening up the attic to more air will stop the beams from sagging; getting a soffit replacement in Wyoming will increase airflow and reduce the chance of wood rot in the attic.

Making our way in the roofing business has been a six-decade trip for our company at AM Roofing Solutions. We have seen many improvements in materials and techniques in methods to prosecute roofing problems. For an eavestrough replacement in Wyoming, a fascia replacement in Wyoming and a soffit replacement in Wyoming from our company will come with the added benefit of a warranty for workmanship that is 10-years long.

We can provide a free estimate, a free inspection, and a no-obligation meeting when you call us at AM Roofing Solutions to make arrangements for your personalized consultation at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Wyoming


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