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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Woodstock

Blowback if the unintended consequences of any action - depending on the degree of the action, the blowback can far and away exceed the action. It happens in politics all the time, and when you think about home repairs, the snowball can become an avalanche in no time. We ignored a few loose bricks on one our outside walls and the whole wall fell cha-ching, and a few thousand dollars in costs to make the repair. Not to mention a skilled tradesman to do the work – you can’t do on your own, if you could you would have done it when it was a small problem. An eavestrough replacement in Woodstock, a fascia replacement in Woodstock and a soffit replacement in Woodstock are repairs that can spiral out of control. It is never a question of when the time is right for those repairs, it is when they need to be done and a professional will need to be hired to complete the work. At our roofing company, AM Roofing Solutions we can provide the work that your home needs when the problems come to a calling and we do things right the first time within our estimate.

When you eavestrough, fascia, and soffit need help, get the work done today


  • It is incumbent on the eavestrough to move the water it receives from the shingles to the ground using the downspout as the conduit to the ground. If you can’t get water through the eavestrough channel it should tell you that there is a problem with a dam in the channel. An eavestrough repair in Woodstock can purge the clog and then the water will move well and meet the ground where it is supposed too. Once the contractor is administering the repair, he can examine if the eavestrough is damaged by any buildup – if so, an eavestrough replacement in Woodstock is where a contractor will direct a homeowner to as a means of water drainage control for your home. Water moving over the eavestrough channel is never a pretty sight – a matter of fact it should cause concern for a homeowner who had the problem because the drainage system is no longer in control of the water. A rain gutter repair in Woodstock will bring a level of confidence for a homeowner that his drainage system is working effectively. Before you have the repair made, take a walking tour underneath the rain gutter, if you see stains or drips from places that should be sealed, a rain gutter replacement in Woodstock should be done – you don’t need water draining into the basement through the window wells.


  • If you have kept the rain gutter clear, your fascia will be intact and working well, keeping water and debris from the roofing system. The fascia would receive the bulk of the water going over the sides if the clogs aren’t cleared, and as a wood strip, it will rot over time. If that scenario were in play, a fascia repair in Woodstock would be entertained to get the softwood out of the channel. But, you keep the channel clean and you won't have mold growth in the track that would constitute a fascia replacement in Woodstock to correct the problem and you are saving a nice amount of money in the process. While the gutters are good and the fascia is protected from trickling water, your attic insulation leaves a lot to be desired and that is when your fascia will get hurt. Poor or limited insulation in your attic will help snow melt on the roof because heat will escape to the shingles and melt snow on the roof. It will run for the rain gutter and it re-freezes later in the day – that is when ice dams form and damage is done to the eavestrough and fascia.


  • When you have a stuffy nose, it is hard to breath – the same thing happens to roofing system when the soffit can’t get fresh air into the attic. The soffit has air holes punched in the panel and then the panel is placed under the eavestrough where it acts as the attic air return. If the soffit has a ‘stuffy nose,’ a soffit repair in Woodstock works as the tissue the attic needs to get air in. If you can’t get fresh air into the attic, the humidity will build and as the water vapour lingers, the trusses and rafters will absorb it. This is a serious problem that can be made worse if not treated – the rafters will sag putting extra pressure on the roof supports. Get a soffit replacement in Woodstock if notice that the attic is filled with warm, moist air that causes the water vapour that infects your wooden trusses or rafters.

We could be considered the old man of the roofing business, we have over 60-years in and we have seen many companies come and go, but we endure at AM Roofing Solutions because we do quality work with excellent technicians who know the business. When you need an eavestrough replacement in Woodstock, a fascia replacement in Woodstock and a soffit replacement in Woodstock we can do the work and issue a 10-year labour warranty for your investment in the work.

For a free inspection, a free estimate, and a no-obligation meeting call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Woodstock


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