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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in West Lorne

Its graduation day and Mom and Dad’s pride and joy has completed university and will take their place in society and you could be prouder of the accomplishment as a vindication of your parental abilities. You get in the car and turn the key in the ignition and nothing, you think nothing of it and try again the same result. In a panic, you make arrangement to rent a car to get to graduation and with a moment to spare you make it to convocation and see your child receive their degree. After the celebration, you still have a car that isn’t working and you need to take to the shop to get a mechanic to service the car. It makes sense, you aren’t trained to repair cars and you shouldn’t try if you don’t have the skills. Roofing work at your home needs the same approach; a trained, certified roofing specialist should be the one and only person to handle the work. An eavestrough replacement in West Lorne, a fascia replacement in West Lorne and a soffit replacement in West Lorne should fall on our shoulders at AM Roofing Solutions. We have broad shoulders that come from many roofing jobs over the years and our team is one of the best when it comes to roof repair.

Eavestrough, fascia, and soffit, when the time comes take action


  • Rooting out roofing problems can be self-evident, you can see when water isn’t draining the way it was designed to because it will be going over the eavestrough channel. Solving the problem is as a simple as an eavestrough repair in West Lorne for the relief of the water blockage and getting the water away from the house. Trouble for the eavestrough is it vulnerable to the damage that clogs cause, and then an eavestrough replacement in West Lorne will need to come to fruition to get the problem curtailed with a timely repair. Water, water, everywhere… is an old saying but in the case of the rain gutter, water everywhere means it isn’t being drained with the rain gutter. To release the water from its restrictive bottleneck, a rain gutter repair in West Lorne can be the quickest fix to clear the rain gutter channel when it impaired by wet materials in the channel.  A rain gutter replacement in West Lorne will be the direct result of the damage that is caused by the weight of debris in the rain gutter and the sooner it is fixed the faster you get water to the ground where it supposed to be.


  • To get away from fascia damage, you need to keep the rain gutters clear – a compound problem starts when water hits the fascia because it is exiting the rain gutter because it clogged. The fascia is below the rain gutter and it closes a space between the roof’s edge and the eavestrough. Water will kill the fascia – it is made of wood, and will need to a fascia repair in West Lorne when it the problems persist. If the problems go beyond persistent to constant a fascia replacement in West Lorne will be the end of the story that has no happy ending. For the fascia, it takes a lot of abuse, so much so that the attic is part of the syndrome that damages the fascia. No insulation, poor or old insulation is where the problem starts, especially in the winter. We know from education in energy conservation that a good deal of insulation in the attic keeps heat in the house – when we don’t have the right attic insulation density, heat will be transferred to the shingles. Snow melts when it heated above freezing and the water will freeze again as the water cools – that happens at the eavestrough and fascia where ice dams beat up the eavestrough and fascia.


  • Working with attic insulation, the soffit helps keep the temperature regulated and the humidity low. Why is that important? Wet air will stick tot eh dry wood supports and get into the fibres of the supports and it will weaken them, you can see the sag in your main beam when it happens. The way the soffit integrates is through the holes that are punched in the panel that is placed under the fascia and creates an air return. The fresh air lowers the humidity in the attic and protects the joists and rafters. If you cant get a sufficient amount of air into the attic, try a soffit repair in West Lorne first to see if that will take care of the problem. If the humidity continues to be an ongoing problem, a soffit replacement in West Lorne should what keeps the attic cool and dry.

Working in the roofing business for over 60-years, we at AM Roofing Solutions are a full-service company that has quality technicians that get the job done every day. To get the best eavestrough replacement in West Lorne, a fascia replacement in West Lorne and a soffit replacement in West Lorne that comes with a 10-year warranty, go with us at AM Roofing Solutions.

A no-cost education session, a free estimate, and a free inspection can be yours when you call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in West Lorne

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