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Eavestrough, Soffit And Fascia Repair And Installation In Strathroy

If we break it we fix it, if it wears out we replace it, if we need it we buy it – for things we need as necessities in our life, this is the mantra that can keep you in good stead with your home repairs and keep the costs down. Some repairs strike like lightning and there is nothing we can do but suck it and make the repairs we know we need to make. An eavestrough replacement in Strathroy, a fascia replacement in Strathroy and a soffit replacement in Strathroy visit your home; call a professional with a background in roofing to end your misery. At AM Roofing Solutions we have been lifting the burden of roof repairs for homeowners for many years and the work is always on time and on t

Hazards and risks must be dealt with, repair you eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


•    It is no stretch to say an operational eavestrough is an important feature of any roofing system that values water drainage as a form of protection for the home. To keep the eavestrough working well, you need to invest in an eavestrough repair from time to time to get the junk out of the channel and the water free flowing to the ground. Materials in the channel of the eavestrough can bottleneck and worse – create damage that could mean that an eavestrough replacement in Strathroy should be made as a precaution to prevent water leaks in other areas of your home. If water can get over the rain gutter, it makes its way to the ground and if you have an open window wells for your basement windows, water can get into the basement of sit in the bottom of well affecting the frame of the window over time. To stop this from happening a rain gutter repair in Strathroy will keep water in the rain gutter channel and move it to the downspouts for discharge. If the problems with the rain gutter incorporate other problems like a crack or a split in the channel, a rain gutter replacement in Strathroy is a move to make to correct any damage that has been done by the material buildup in the channel.


•    Your fascia isn’t in a position to tolerate water exposure for a long period of time because wood rot will take hold in the wood strip that is under the eavestrough. A fascia repair in Strathroy will need to be undertaken once the damage has been done as a matter of self-defense for your family. As dry rot is growing in the fascia, mold will follow and the spores can travel – they are small enough to be inhaled and they cause lung disease. Opening the track where the fascia is installed will tell the story, if you see anything in the track that doesn’t belong or mold attached to the fascia, a fascia replacement in Strathroy can protect the health of the home and denizens that occupy the house. When was the last time you upgraded your attic insulation? Never, right? If that is the answer, don’t be surprised if you ice dams on the roof at the fascia and eavestrough. The situation is created when you have limited or poor insulation – in the winter it can be brutal for the fascia because heat transfer from the house to the roof will get the snow to melt and re-freeze as the weather cools later in the day. That is when the ice dams form at the base of the roof, right where the fascia meets the eavestrough.


•    On a warm day, we all enjoy a cool breeze to take the edge of the summer’s day. The attic needs a cool breeze from time to time to get the humidity under control in the attic. The process is easy, a soffit is installed – standard equipment for a roofing system – and it is the air filter for the attic. The soffit has holes and that is they transport air into the attic. When the soffit isn’t transporting air into the attic, a soffit repair in Strathroy will be the breeze to stop the humidity from hurting the roof supports. Water vapour can and will wrap itself around any dry wood and the ensuing damage can be wood rot or sagging joists of rafters. If your attic is starved for fresh air, a soffit replacement in Strathroy can keep the attic from drowning in water vapour and prevent the sagging joists and rafters that are the signs of a soffit that isn’t working.

Time creates the experience and a byproduct is trust, after 60-years in the roofing business has created a professional profile for our company here at
AM Roofing Solutions that our competition can’t beat. An eavestrough replacement in Strathroy, a fascia replacement in Strathroy and a soffit replacement in Strathroy is our business and we guarantee our work with a labour warranty that spans a decade.

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Eavestrough, Soffit And Fascia Repair And Installation In Strathroy

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