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Eavestrough, Soffit And Fascia Repair And Installation In St. Thomas

Life has a way of sneaking up on us, just when we think we are on top of our responsibilities, a wrench from out of the blue wreaks havoc in our life and we are forced to scramble not just to get a handle on things but come up with a cogent plan to deal with whatever has interrupted what we had on the go. Home repairs can jump up and bite us from time to time and when you need an eavestrough replacement in St. Thomas, a fascia replacement in St. Thomas, and a soffit replacement in London, you need to get the help that will satisfy the problems you are experiencing. Once the determination has been made that work is necessary, hire a professional roofing contractor who has the expertise and ability to make the repairs that will be lasting. At AM Roofing Solutions, we have made a career out of repairs, replacements and installations that keep our customer base warm, dray and satisfied with the work they have received.

Keeping up with your roofing situation, the eavestrough, fascia and soffit

•    When water hits the roof it is engaged in a multi-step process to get the ground. Shingles take the first raindrops and get it to the eavestrough for distribution to the downspout. A clog or material in the channel will slow or stop water movement and an eavestrough repair in St. Thomas can get the channels clean and get water moving, as it should. If you have seen some problems with the channel, leaks can be prevalent when the channel is ailing; an eavestrough replacement in St. Thomas is a lasting solution that will help improve your drainage problem. Your rain gutter is can only process so much water by volume – the size of the channel is relative to the amount of water it can move – if branches of bark or anything else is in the channel it reduces the volume of water that can be moved or have water spilling over the eavestrough. A rain gutter repair in St. Thomas will be the house cleaning activity that the gutter needs to get water to the ground. More often than not, a rain gutter will be damaged because the weight or materials in the channel have gotten the better of the rain gutter and a rain gutter replacement in St. Thomas will give the channel the upper hand for drainage.


•    Working with eavestrough, the fascia keeps water from entering the house – it closes an opening that is created when the roof meets the edge of the house. Water over the rain gutter runs directly to the fascia and it will cause the wood strip to become water saturated over time. A fascia repair in St. Thomas will illuminate the extent of the damage done by the venting water and it could call for a fascia replacement in St. Thomas to stop problems from developing. Black mold and dry rot will develop when you least expect it and the repair turns into a replacement in no time. When the fascia is taking a beating, part of the problem can be attributed to a deficiency of insulation in the attic. Sounds crazy, but hear me out, attic insulation prevents heat loss – that is a given. So it only stands to reason that excellent attic insulation will stop warm air from getting to the shingles in the winter. Warm shingles will help any snow on the roof melt and the water is sent to the rain gutter for expulsion from the roof. If the water gets off the roof while it is still in liquid form you are home free. If the water freezes in the rain gutter and fascia it is a problem that won't wait and an emergency service call could be a very real possibility with the inherent costs that come with emergency work.


•    To keep your roof in good health, it needs to get fresh air into the attic – the process is accomplished with a soffit that is installed under the fascia. Perforated, the soffit sucks air and moves it the attic to tamp down water vapour that exists in the attic. If the proper balance isn’t provided for the attic, the rafters and joists will be hurt in the process. You can start with a soffit repair in St. Thomas to keep fresh air coming in the attic and you will notice is the repair has been successful if the humidity has been noticeably reduced. You can take the touch test with the rafters and joists to see if the repair worked – if they still feel soft and moist – a soffit replacement in St. Thomas will correct the problem and protect your roof.

Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, has been in business since 1956, and we have a made a career out of an eavestrough replacement in St. Thomas, a fascia replacement in St. Thomas and a soffit replacement in St. Thomas that comes with a 10-year warranty for labour.

Our company will provide a free consultation, a free estimate, and a free inspection for anyone who will call us today at 18772816900.

Eavestrough, Soffit And Fascia Repair And Installation In St. Thomas


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