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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Shedden

Too many times to count, we have left ourselves vulnerable to vagaries of life, either happens through ignorance or neglect or just for the fact we didn’t have the knowledge at hand to make an informed decision. We might go out without an umbrella when rain is in the forecast and end up soaked, we postpone a car repair and wind up on the side of the road with a car that is broken down. When repairs come our way we need to address the need for a repair right away, as it is critical to overall performance of the asset we need to protect. One thing that is the overriding factor in this situation is the need for qualified help to get the work of the ground and on the landing strip of success. A roof repair that needs an eavestrough replacement in Sheeden, a fascia replacement in Shedden and fascia replacement in Sheeden should be entrusted to us at AM Roofing Solutions. Our company is one of the top-flight roofing companies in Ontario and work backs our words when you need the work – because results matter.

Get the results you need for an eavestrough, fascia and soffit work


  • There are times when you need to show your eavestrough some love with an eavestrough repair in Sheeden because the eavestrough is holding clogs and sediment that won't allow the water to pass to get to the downspout. It is critical that water moves without any resistance – but in main it can be said that clogs will cause a certain level of damage in the channel and the need for an eavestrough replacement in Shedden is important – drainage to areas that aren’t prepared to accept water for drainage will be affected and can create other issues to be dealt with. Material buildup can be amassed over time and it is the one drawback of the open channel we know as the rain gutter. The dams that become prevalent in the channel will help water make its way over the channel and a rain gutter repair is what needs to be done to stop the errant water drainage. Rain gutters can only stand up so much abuse then they break down and fail to work as designed, and rain gutter replacement in Shedden can renew the function of the channel in a positive manner.


  • Working to protect the inner roof, the fascia seals a gap between the edge of the roof and the decking and it takes its fair share of abuse when water is leaking over the rain gutter channel. If too much water has met the fascia – it is installed under the rain gutter – a fascia repair in Shedden can keep the wood rot at bay. Wood rot is the direct result of water impacting wood and it can be a bacterial culture for something else, black mold. When the mold starts – you can’t just repair the section fascia it has infected, you need a fascia replacement in Shedden to get the problem under control and prevent health problems later. Black mold spores create havoc with your respiratory system and lung disease can be contracted due to mold. Another determining factor in the good health of the fascia is the condition of the attic insulation in our home – especially in the winter. If heat can be transferred to the shingles, any snow on the roof will melt. As it moves to the rain gutter, it will start to solidify and ice dams will jam into the crevices between the rain gutter and fascia – that will damage both and leave a homeowner with a large financial commitment to clear up the problem.


  • The attic needs to have filtered fresh air sent to it because it can be filled with warm, moist air under certain conditions. That will injure your main beams, joists, and rafters because the water vapour will penetrate the dry wood and that creates another form of wood rot that will cause your roof to sag. A way to combat the problem is to have a working soffit for air return. The soffit is placed below the eavestrough and fascia and has holes drilled in the panel for ventilation. That reduces the risk of humidity damage, but when the air is making its way to the attic a soffit repair in Shedden can get the air circulating. You will know right off if the repair was successful because the attic won’t have a steamy feel to it – but in the event, it does a soffit replacement will air the attic out an prevent the roof from sagging.

Don’t let roofing problems frustrate you, reach out to one of the only roofing companies in Ontario that has over 60-years service in the business, like us at AM Roofing Solutions. When we install an eavestrough replacement in Shedden a fascia replacement in Shedden or a soffit replacement in Shedden it comes with our famous 10-year labor warranty.

Take advantage of a free estimate, a free inspection, and no-obligation meeting when you call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Shedden

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