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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Sarnia

An old refrain, “I didn’t see it coming,” can be applied to many situations we encounter in life. It is when the unexpected takes centre stage and dominates the conversation for a period of time or forces action that hasn’t been planned for. But the remark would indicate that the person who said it wasn’t prepared for what may come and didn’t plan to cover things that may not be evident at the present time. When you are dealing with home repairs, a certain level of foresight is necessary to keep you from being blindsided by things that happen – you just never know when lightning will strike, but you buy insurance for it as a security blanket, just in case. An eavestrough replacement in Sarnia, a fascia replacement in Sarnia and a soffit replacement in Sarnia are repairs that we should create a plan for – when you bought your house the three items weren’t brand new. So in the back of your mind, you should have expected one or more to fail over time. Part of the plan would have seen you think about using a professional roofing contractor when things went south, and AM Roofing Solutions should have the de facto choice for the work. We have many years as a premium-roofing contractor in southwestern Ontario and we have a sterling reputation in our business.

Failing to plan is planning to fail, maintenance for the eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • An eavestrough is hung from the side of the house for a specific purpose, to drain water it collects from the shingles to the ground. The channels of the eavestrough must free of anything to function well and be able to move water at critical times, like rainstorms. When clogs prevent the operation of the eavestrough, an eavestrough repair in Sarnia can get the flow going to the right place with the help of the downspout. Try as you might to the get water moving, you need the eavestrough to be in one piece, if not and holes or cracks are present in, an eavestrough replacement in Sarnia will have to be made to keep the water from entering your home. As we watch waterfall over the rain gutter channel it will be a headache for a homeowner, but one that won't be a migraine if he has a rain gutter repair in Sarnia as the medicine to cure the problem. In the unlikely event that you have a damages rain gutter, a rain gutter replacement in Sarnia can alleviate the water problem in the channel and alleviate discharge down the side of your house.


  • In life, sometimes we have to bear the brunt of a problem that is not caused by us – it happens all the time – and for the fascia, it is a regular occurrence if you have a clogged eavestrough. As we see water filtering over the channel, it starts its descent at the fascia – a wooden strip, installed just under the eavestrough. As time passes, and more waterfalls, the fascia can become spongy due to wood rot and a fascia repair in Sarnia can take the sting out of the problem. The fact of the matter in this situation is that you never know how bad things are until you get the fascia out of the track – is you see the slightest hint of mold growth, you will need a fascia replacement in Sarnia to stop the growth of mold that can creep along the fascia and into your home proper. As part of the accepting the fallout for things it didn’t cause, the fascia takes a beating from a lack of insulation in the attic, especially in the winter. Snow will melt when the temperature is increased, on the roof that happens when thin insulation is trying to stop heat from rising in the attic to the shingles. As melt transpires, the water that is created by the snowmelt is transported to the eavestrough, once there, it can re-freeze when the temps fall and ice dams will form. There is where the damage starts and the fascia are abused by problems, not of its making.


  • We talked about hot air in the attic, once the air has a chance to moisten; the real problems start in the attic that could be a huge repair. If the soffit has failed air is in dire need of a soffit repair in Sarnia - lack of fresh air into the attic can help develop the moist conditions to destroy your wood supports. The soffit contains a series of entranceways for fresh air and it is installed under the fascia and eavestrough, it gathers air and the air rises into the attic. As fresh, dry air circulates, it balances the wet vapour that is damaging your wood supports. When you aren’t getting enough fresh air into the attic, a soffit replacement in Sarnia will need to be made for eh good of the roof and the supports that keep the house standing.

For more than six decades, our company, AM Roofing Solutions has been at the vanguard of roofing solutions and when an eavestrough replacement in Sarnia, a soffit replacement in Sarnia, or a soffit replacement in Sarnia is needed, we can provide it with a 10-year labour warranty included.

For a free inspection, a no-cost meeting and free estimate, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Sarnia

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