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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Paris

How do you know what you don’t know, it is a rhetorical question designed as a thought experiment but is applicable to many sections of life. If you don’t understand the applications of different systems that run our homes, you don’t know what you should know instead of what you don’t know. You may not understand how your home systems work to keep things running, but what you should know it that maintenance will be needed for the systems when the time comes and best solution is to hire a professional for the work you need to integrate the systems as operational. When an eavestrough replacement in Paris a fascia replacement in Paris or a soffit replacement in Paris is needed you don't need to know how each interacts with each other but you need to know it is your responsibility to get the work done to keep your home in good state of repair. That is the time to call us at AM Roofing Solutions for the advice and the work you need to make a solid decision that will last for many years.

Interaction, the work of the eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • It is simple when you think about it; water falls from the sky, hits the shingles on roof and moves in unison to the eavestrough for release on the ground. If the water can’t get to the downspout because you have a clog in the channel, an eavestrough repair in Paris will help with the acceleration of the water dispersal through the channel. A break in the channel can be critical to operation of the eavestrough and that will create a perfect storm for an eavestrough replacement in Paris to keep the water flowing to the downspout. The last thing you want to see is water exiting through the rain gutter and discharging itself down the side of your house. That should indicate that a rain gutter repair in Paris should be engaged with a contractor to keep the dry situation you have grown accustomed to in your home.


  • Relevance is everything when you consider a home repair for your fascia – if you think that it isn’t important to keep dry rot out of your house or black mold from infecting your fascia, you won't make the repair. As water gets out of the rain gutter, the first stop is at the fascia – a wood strip under the rain gutter – repeated washing over of the fascia is when the dry rot will come and possibly mold too. A fascia repair in Paris will help determine if you have had worse problems develop on the track and then a decision can be taken for a fascia replacement in Paris if you have those problems. Water damage to the fascia can be caused by problems in the attic – and problem one is a lack of attic insulation. It won’t keep heat in the house summer or winter, but the problem is infinitely worse in the winter. Heat transfer causes snowmelt on the roof when it does the water will make its way to the eavestrough. If the temperature is trending downward, freezing is inevitable and ice dams at the eavestrough.


  • Humidity can kill dry wood when it is allowed to penetrate the wood and that is the biggest problem the interior of the attic fasces when the soffit lacks the ability to provide fresh air. The soffit draws air into the attic through holes in the panel that is integrated below the fascia and eavestrough. A soffit repair in Paris will open the holes if they are clogged with dust or dirt and regulate the water vapour in the attic. If you don’t make the repair, here is what you can expect, the water vapour will – over time – weaken the joist and rafters because dry rot will spread along the beams. The beams sag and the roof will lean in in the middle, a situation to avoid for sure. A soffit replacement in Paris can be the last line of defense for the attic supports and it is a repair that should never be ignored when notice humidity in the attic.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we never take shortcuts when you need an eavestrough replacement in Paris, a fascia replacement in Paris or a soffit replacement in Paris and when the work is finished, a 10-year workmanship warranty is the last thing to provide a homeowner.

For a free estimate, free inspection and no-obligation counselling session, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Paris 

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