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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Mt Brydges

Administration of our affairs is part of the passage of life and discharging our responsibilities to our family is the first thing we need to do. Keeping our family healthy and happy is our role as a parent and homeowner. Home improvements are the key to personal shelter security, and we don’t scrimp or delay the repairs we need. An eavestrough replacement in Mt. Brydges, a soffit replacement in Mt. Brydges, and soffit replacement in Mt. Brydges is key repair to make to keep our home a warm and cozy environment. When the repairs demand your attention, call a professional roofing contractor to handle the work for your peace of mind. It takes one call to us at AM Roofing Solutions to get the advice and the work you need to protect the home you live and the people who depend on your judgment for a secure home.

Safety first, repairs for the eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • Over a couple of hundred years ago, homes were built without an eavestrough and the results were predictable, water pooling around the base of the house. In the pre-basement era, it wasn’t a problem – no place for the water to leak too. Roof technology responded to this situation and an eavestrough was created for water management on the roof. An open channel is a great thing about the eavestrough it collects water from the roof and sends it to the ground with the help of the downspout. The opening will also collect material and debris – that will cause water drainage problems and an eavestrough repair in Mt. Brydges will supplant the clogs affecting drainage. Flying debris can be a danger to the eavestrough, the bigger the branch, the greater the chance that damage will be done to the eavestrough and an eavestrough replacement in Mt. Brydges should be able to upgrade the water drainage network that improves water movement. Water traveling to the ground over the rain gutter is not the results you are looking for from the rain gutter. To stop the water exiting the roof in this manner, a rain gutter repair in Mt. Brydges is the stimulant for water movement. As for clogs form dams in the channel of the rain gutter, they become heavier in weight and that is what can cause a rain gutter replacement in Mt. Brydges because the weight can separate the eavestrough from the fascia.


  • Water, it can cause all manner of problems, it can habour contaminants that create illness and spread disease. It can occur in the places that we never consider, like our fascia – installed under the rain gutter – it takes a beating when the rain gutter is clogged. The water hits the fascia first and gets the highest volume of water, creating the need for a fascia repair in Mt. Brydges. Dry rot is the start of the bacterial problems in the fascia, as it gets worse and harbours more bacteria – mold will grow. The fascia closes a gap between the roof and the edge of the house – mold spores can move to the inner attic without any resistance and then it is in the air your family breathes. Taking time out to examine the fascia for mold is important when detected a fascia replacement in Mt Brydges is needed to keep mold from infiltrating your attic. Maintaining a good level of attic insulation will protect your fascia – it keeps heat in the house – and in the winter it stops snow from melting and re-freezing. Poor attic insulation lets heat out of your house at the roof via the attic – once it melts the snow on the roof, you hope it gets off to the rain gutter before it gets cold. Ice dams will break the contact between the fascia and eavestrough and the need for retrofit for the attic and drainage is now a reality.


  • Prosecuting humidity problems in your attic should be done with extreme prejudice, sounds a touch melodramatic, but it isn’t. Dry wood will absorb water vapour and expand, limiting the wood’s ability to maintain structural integrity. This is the problem the trusses and joists face when they are exposed to the conditions that create warm, moist air. A working soffit will help quell the problem and in the process, you are protecting the building and it will continue to stand from a structural standpoint. If the soffit is having trouble getting air into the attic to reduce the humidity content in the attic a soffit repair in Mt. Brydges can help even the scales. When the scales can’t be tipped in the right direction a soffit replacement in Mt. Brydges can be the thumb on the scale in your favour for an increase in airflow.

Making the way in our business, we at AM Roofing Solutions have a legacy of over 60-years in the roofing business and we produce quality workmanship for our customers. Anytime you need an eavestrough replacement in Mt Brydges, a fascia replacement in Mt. Brydges and a soffit replacement in Mt. Brydges, you can count on a warranty and ours is for 10-years for labour.

We provide a free estimate, a free inspection, and no-cost meeting when you call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900 to assess your roofing problems. 

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Mt Brydges

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