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Eavestrough, Soffit And Fascia Repair And Installation In Lucan

Just when you think that you are on top of your responsibilities, Karma has a way of deflating your balloon and bringing you back to Earth. It might have been lightning striking the tree next door to your house and cause a branch to fall on your home causing damage that will increase your home insurance rates due to the claim. Or, a sinkhole could have developed in your driveway swallowing your car in the process because a water main failed. In both examples, you will need a professional or a team of professionals to clear up the problems that have been created by the broken water main or tree branch. An eavestrough replacement in Lucan, a fascia replacement in Lucan and a soffit replacement in Lucan are repairs that come like a thief in the night and rob you of security at home in the process. Our roofing company, AM Roofing Solutions is more than prepared to step into the breach created by the need for repairs to your home and keep the costs to a minimum when treating the problems early. 

Make things happen, maintenance for the eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


•    Draining water from places you don’t want it is the job of many different systems – we have sub pump in our basement to drain water that invades and our eavestrough does the same work topside when rain falls. It collects water and moves it to the downspouts for discharge – when it can't because it has trash in the channel an eavestrough repair in Lucan can mitigate the problem expertly and increase the water flow from the roof to the downspouts. Part of an eavestrough repair should be an inspection of the channel if you see cracks or other damage that will slow water drainage or allow water to vent out the channel and an eavestrough replacement in Lucan should be taken to prevent further problems and compound repairs that will be the result of keeping a cracked eavestrough. Water spilling over the rain gutter channel is one thing that you really don’t need, it will move in any direction and get into places that it isn’t supposed to go and that is where things get really interesting. A rain gutter repair in Lucan will keep water moving in the right direction and out of your basement. Clogs and material buildup have unintended consequences – it can damage the connection between the rain gutter and the side of the house and rain gutter replacement in Lucan will need to be made to secure the rain gutter to the house and close any openings that were created by the sag of the rain gutter.


•    As water spills over the rain gutter channel, the first place it can do untold damage is at the fascia. The wood strip is below the rain gutter and serves a purpose to close the gap between the edge of the roof and the underside. After a period of time, draining water over the rain gutter will certainly hurt the fascia, dry rot is the beginning and mold is the end. To eviscerate this problem a fascia repair in Lucan will cut out the dead wood and preserve what is left of the fascia – a small price to pay for what the repair will do for your home. If the mold or bacteria has grown and is occupying the better part of the fascia, a fascia replacement in Lucan is what will be called for to stop any more harm from being done to the track or roofing system. You have the water moving through the channel and it isn’t rolling over the gutter, but you have bigger problems that you may not be aware of – a lack of insulation in the attic or no insulation at all. In the winter this can be a predicament that will be trouble for the eavestrough and fascia. Heat exchange from your house to the attic will see the heat released to the shingles and if snow has built up on the roof it will melt. Once the water is moving, it heads for the rain gutter, but it can freeze if the air cools and that is when the ice dams form at the eavestrough and it can snap the attachments under pressure and wreck the fascia in the process.


•    Your attic will need a big dose of fresh air to protect your rafters and joists from humidity that will cause dry rot and create spongy supports that will sag. The soffit is the solution to the problem because the holes in the panel installed under the eavestrough will get the attic the air it needs to draw down the water content in the vapour in your attic. If you aren’t drawing sufficient air into the attic, a soffit repair in Lucan will help increase the volume of air into the attic for regulation. The air situation in the attic needs to be monitored to determine if the repair has been successful. If the water vapour continues to be a concern, a soffit replacement in Lucan is the last resort for a homeowner.

In all business sectors, companies come and go, but the ones who stay and thrive are the kind of companies that inspire trust in their customers. After 60-years in business, we at AM Roofing Solutions build trust and confidence when we are approached for help and advice for roofing problems. An eavestrough replacement in Lucan, a fascia replacement in Lucan and a soffit replacement in Lucan will receive our 10-year workmanship warranty to keep the promise our work will bear out.

For a no-cost meeting, a free estimate, and a free home inspection call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 18772816900.

Eavestrough, Soffit And Fascia Repair And Installation In Lucan

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