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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Ingersoll

You notice that you have a drip coming from the kitchen faucet and it appears it is in need of a washer to straighten the problem out. You take out your handy-dandy toolkit and remove the tap but you forgot to turn the water off in the basement. Water is shooting everywhere because you have an open channel and you can’t turn the water off at the sink because you have the tap off. Down the stairs, you go, turn off the water main and then back to the task of the washer change. You realize the reason you have water everywhere is that there is a crack in the pipe – facepalm, and the regret of failing to call a contractor to get the work done. Many home repairs start out looking easy but get out of control in a hurry. An eavestrough replacement in Ingersoll, a fascia replacement in Ingersoll and a soffit replacement in Ingersoll are repairs that can go sideways if you don’t hire a contractor for the work. Our company, AM Roofing Solutions will come to your home to provide the repairs your roofing system needs, our ability is only surpassed by our experience to get the job done right.

Keep your drainage system in good condition, the eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • You never think of it, but your roofing system works without any outside help and it works when needed without prompting. All you need is for some rain to fall and have it run to the eavestrough – no labour intensive activity required. To keep it running without notice an eavestrough repair in Ingersoll might be needed to clear the channels out and keep the water flowing quickly and efficiently. If you have stuff – like tree branches, bark or wet leaves in the channel – it could be time for an eavestrough replacement in Ingersoll to correct any future problems that the build-up will cause. Extra weight in the rain gutter is the price to pay for not cleaning the gutters regularly and it should be done as a rain gutter repair in Ingersoll, where the technician can inspect the gutter for any problems. If pinholes or cracks or stress fractures appear in the channel – a rain gutter replacement in Ingersoll is out with the old and in with the new to keep water freely flowing to the ground.


  • If you haven’t repaired or replaced the problem rain gutter, it will hurt the fascia because water getting off the roof in an unconventional means – like spilling over the gutter – the fascia is the recipient of the water. Underneath the eavestrough, the fascia fills s slot between the decking and roof’s edge and it keeps water and debris from getting into the roofing system. If the water has made the wooden strip of fascia – wood rot – it needs to be treated with a fascia repair in Ingersoll as a means to cut the diseased piece of wood from the healthy wood strip. Depending on how bad things are – you might just be further ahead to install a fascia replacement in Ingersoll because you need to replace more of the fascia than you will have left and it is better to start from scratch at this point. If you haven’t upgraded the attic insulation in your home, your fascia can be abused – it sounds funny but true. No insulation of insulation that should be replaced is any help when dealing with heat loss from the lower house. If the heat is making its way up, a lack of insulation will see heat making contact with the decking. Snow on the roof will melt in the winter, the water goes to the rain gutter and it freezes later. Ice dams and icicles will form and the extra weight of the water will force the gutter from the fascia – damage deluxe and pain for your wallet.


  • The attic plays an important role in roofing health and the conditions that exist in will dictate the health or lack of health for the roofing system. If the attic is getting a healthy dose of fresh air through the soffit, the attic will be vapour free. But the holes in the soffit that is below the eavestrough and fascia should be clear for the air to get to the attic. If not, a soffit repair in Ingersoll can serve as the relief for the attic and keep warm, moist air to a minimum. Humidity or water vapour will be absorbed by old, dry wood like the joists and rafters in your attic. If you can’t control the humidity, get a soffit replacement in Ingersoll – you don’t want you joists to sag because they have been infected with wood rot.

In the six or so decades we have been in the roofing business, we did a great of work that is still serving its purpose and keeping homeowners protected. An eavestrough replacement in Ingersoll, a fascia replacement in Ingersoll and a soffit replacement in Ingersoll come with a 10-year warranty when you hire us, at AM Roofing Solutions, for the work.    

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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Ingersoll

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