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Eavestrough, Soffit And Fascia Repair And Installation In Glencoe

Life is full of surprises; some good ones like a visit from a long lost friend or some bad ones like an unexpected tax audit that is causing heartburn. In the case of home repairs, most repairs are surprises that we would like to avoid because they cash for repairs and potential inconveniences related to the repairs. A broken window is on the low end of the scale; a major repair to the electrical system or plumbing is on the high end of the scale. An eavestrough replacement in Glencoe, a fascia replacement in Glencoe and a soffit replacement in Glencoe are repairs that are unfortunate surprises but that must have our undivided attention to prevent further problems with our roofing systems. Ladders are for professionals; when the problems happen on the roof, get a roofing contractor to climb the ladder to protect your home. At AM Roofing Solutions, we are your ladder guys for any repairs you need for your drainage system and we take great care to provide the repairs like we are working on own homes. 

Stay off the roof; get help for an eavestrough, fascia and soffit repair


•    The eavestrough is attached to the side of your home to move water that it collects from the shingles after a rainstorm or snowmelt. If your eavestrough has been inundated with wet leaves, clogs will build and water flow slowed. An eavestrough repair in Glencoe is the way to relieve the pressure on the channel and it will make water disappear down the downspout. Depending on the nature of the clogs or whether a falling tree branch has damaged the channel an eavestrough replacement in Glencoe should be done to prevent compound problems from developing in other areas of the roofing system. Water exits the rain gutter when clogs have slowed water to the point it will back-up in the channel – that is a neon light blinking telling you that a rain gutter repair in Glencoe will take the wind out the sails of the problem. The rain gutter has to be free of holes or cracks to keep the leaks from creating puddles at ground level – once there it can move in any direction and it will cause depressions at your foundation. A rain gutter replacement in Glencoe stops water leaks and invasive water entry in your home should water be able to pool on a regular basis at your foundation.


•    The law of unintended circumstances has a big effect on the fascia and the cause starts in the attic. Poor insulation will lead to heat loss through the decking, and if it is winter, ice dams will form. The situation is created through the limited or no insulation in the attic. The heat will rise without interruption and the snow on the roof becomes water and when the air temperature recedes it turns to ice at the eavestrough and fascia. The fascia is under the rain gutter and is a protective strip of wood that closes a gap at the roof’s edge. Constant water ponding the fascia will be the reason for a fascia repair in Glencoe to prevent problems like dry rot and mold from attacking the fascia. Water can come from a number of sources, the clogs in the rain gutter that force water to exit over the channel also cause grief for the fascia. Two sources of water attacking the fascia will accelerate its decline and a fascia replacement in Glencoe becomes the end to the problem.


•    To keep the temperature in your attic relative to the air temperature is have a working soffit for your roofing system. The soffit supplies air to the attic and is located under the rain gutter and fascia – it is panel filled with holes – and when the ability to supply air to the attic a soffit repair in Glencoe will stimulate airflow. Should the airflow not be enough to aerate the attic, a soffit replacement in Glencoe must be made – the consequences demand it. Hot, moist air in your attic must be removed – if not you are jeopardizing your joists and trusses. It should come as no surprise that dry wood would absorb water vapour, but its what comes next that is the problem. Prolonged exposure to humidity will create stress weakness in the supports – like the rafters of beams – this makes for a sagging roof that is noticeable from a distance. 

Making the grade for 60-years in the roofing business is one our claims to fame as going concern in our business. An eavestrough replacement in Glencoe, a fascia replacement in Glencoe and a soffit replacement in Glencoe are supported by a 10-year labour warranty from us at
AM Roofing Solutions.

A no-obligation advisory session, a free estimate, and free inspection can be had when you call us at
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Eavestrough, Soffit And Fascia Repair And Installation In Glencoe

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