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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Dorchester

You went to the basement recently and noticed a couple of dark spots on the wall and a puddle on the floor and raised your concern because it the first time you see this situation occur in your basement. You take a walking tour around the foundation of your house you detect a hairline crack in the foundation. The first thing you think of is how you might fix the problem. After a brief investigation and a couple of DIY solutions that you looked into, you went looking for a cement mason to make the repair your home needs to stay watertight. Home repair need professionals, that’s why we had we have skilled trades, to take up the slack that we can’t as a homeowner. Roofing troubles should be treated with the same deference, get a professional skilled roofing company to come in and assess your problems and offer solutions. An eavestrough replacement in Dorchester, a fascia replacement in Dorchester and a soffit replacement in Dorchester are ones that come under our purview at AM Roofing Solutions. Our background and ability will help us give the homeowner the best solution that will be economical and long-lasting.

Give your roofing system a fighting chance; make repairs to the eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • The eavestrough can struggle to do its job if it has to deal with foreign objects in the channel that don’t belong. An eavestrough repair in Dorchester can relieve the struggle that the channel is engaged in to prevent water from draining over the channel. But the struggle can have adverse circumstances to the channel is the material in the channel has damaged it. An eavestrough replacement in Dorchester can get you ahead of drainage problems and create a significant benefit for a homeowner. The cost of not doing anything about the problems your eavestrough faces can be felt in the basement when we detect puddles of stains. Remember the cracked foundation, water exiting the rain gutter ends up and a rain gutter repair in Dorchester can keep unwanted water out of the basement. Protecting the rain gutter from materials that cause harm should be job one for a homeowner and when damage is problem a rain gutter replacement in Dorchester can get the non-preforming asset away from your house and replace it with a performing one.


  • Too much water attacking the fascia will cause to become rotten – as in the case of wood rot and that is a big problem for the fascia to deal with. The fascia is supposed to be a wooden waterproof seal for the gap at the edge of the roof and when it takes on water, a fascia repair in Dorchester must be more than entertained; it must be done for the integrity of the roofing system. If you have had a mold growth develop in the fascia channel, a full fascia replacement in Dorchester will need to be done like surgery to remove cancer cells in the body. To keep the water drainage from affecting the fascia, you need to have quality insulation in your attic with the proper amount of density to keep heat in your home. The winter months are the biggest challenge, as the heat gets to the attic and vents to the shingles when less than the prescribed amount of insulation is in the attic the heat exchange will lead to melting snow. The water will re-freeze and it is no fault of the water then ices dams and damage to repair at the eavestrough and fascia.


  • Humidity, it causes discomfort when you don’t have air conditioning and it causes problems when you have it in the attic. The discomfort the joists and rafters feel is the intensity of the water vapour and its penetration in the wood. It will weaken the supports and create a twist or a sag in the beams and that is dangerous for the building structure when it happens. A soffit working well will stop the humidity buildup, but if it doesn’t a soffit repair in Dorchester will spur the eviction of humid air in the attic. The soffit rests under the eavestrough, and it takes air from the outside and it vents through holes in the panel. The panel can be damaged by time and a soffit replacement in Dorchester must be taken to stop the wood rot in the joists and rafters.

For the past 60-years, we at AM Roofing Solutions, are wrap-around roofing company that is experts are all manner of roofing work. Get an eavestrough replacement in Dorchester, a fascia replacement in Dorchester and a soffit replacement in Dorchester form our company and get a bonus, a 10-year warranty for workmanship.

You are one phone call away from a free estimate, a free inspection, and no-obligation meeting when you reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900. 

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Dorchester

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