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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Aylmer

You are in the middle of a cold snap, temperatures sitting a -40C and you are housebound for the duration of the Arctic weather event – but you are comfortable knowing your furnace is working well and the home is cozy. Sure you had to turn up the thermostat to cover off the drop in temperature and the bill would be high when you get it, but it is the price to pay to live in Canada. You’re watching TV and hear a bang from the basement and it is the furnace that has failed. A call to a local HVAC company reveals the worst; the furnace has failed and has no pathway to repair it. A replacement is on the way and you shiver until it starts heating the house, but is a job for a professional and replacement that couldn’t be avoided. Keep that in mind when you have roofing problems, a professional is the best solution to any problem you have and when you do call us at AM Roofing Solutions to get eh job done. We have an excellent staff complement and work to the best industry practices when we get on your roof for an eavestrough replacement in Aylmer a fascia replacement in Aylmer and a soffit replacement in Aylmer.

Don’t wait for the fall of your eavestrough, fascia, and soffit, take action now


  • There are many things that go into operating a house, and the eavestrough is one of those systems that need to be well cared for. Dispensing water to the ground starts at the eavestrough and clogs can prevent the process from occurring. An eavestrough repair in Aylmer is one way to accelerate the flow of water to the ground and pays to keep the channels open to stop the deterioration of the channel. Over time, if the clogs aren’t removed and eavestrough replacement in Aylmer can’t help but be done because the longer you leave the work the more it will cost to get the system back in operation. Extra weight in the channel will help water get over the channel and a rain gutter repair in Aylmer should be a small price to pay for good operations on the roof. The dam that is causing the bottleneck will host materials that can cause damage to the gutters, and then an urgent need for a rain gutter replacement in Aylmer can be taken to alleviate the problem forthwith.


  • Don’t let clogs in rain gutter stay in the channel, it will cause water to spill over and the fascia takes the first hit along the line of hits to other places of your house. In turn, the fascia will be injured in the process, think about wood that has been submerged in water, it will swell and be weakened. The fascia is made of wood and sits under the rain gutter, water will create a dry rot problem, then a fascia repair in Aylmer comes to a homeowner to conclude before things get worse. The worst of that water damage can do is start black mold growing in the fascia and a fascia replacement in Aylmer will need to be taken to keep the health risks away from the family and home. In the attic, another problem sits quietly waiting for the right time to influence the roofing system. We need a certain level of attic insulation installed; it will prevent heat loss and shield the shingles from heat transfer. It is important in the winter months because snow will melt and re-freeze later when the water cools. It will happen at the fascia and eavestrough – the outcome is damage that the pressure the ice dam will create against the eavestrough.


  • Your attic can’t survive intact without fresh air to keep the wet, moist air under control – and that will treat the wood supports like joist and trusses well. The moisture in the attic will stick like glue to the dry wood and that is another place for dry rot to form. A soffit repair in Aylmer will eliminate the problem going away. The ‘lung’ of the attic, the soffit is under the fascia and eavestrough and the air makes its way through holes that lead to the attic. If the holes can’t transport air to the attic, a soffit replacement in Aylmer opens the attic to fresh air and then the humidity threat is reduced to a negligible threat.

We trust people who have a reputation for success when you need service, at AM Roofing Solutions, our reputation is as long as our legacy in the roofing business, 60-years, and counting. Keep that in mind when you are shopping around for an eavestrough replacement in Aylmer, a fascia replacement in Aylmer and a soffit replacement in Aylmer – and remember when you chose us, a 10-year warranty comes with the work.

For a no-obligation information session, a free estimate and a free inspection call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Aylmer


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