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Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Chatham-Kent

Homeownership comes with benefits and responsibilities that are things we sometimes learn on the fly when an emergency comes up and on other occasions we have had the chance to plan and we are ready for whatever our home throws at us. One of the biggest areas of concern is our roofing system because it absorbs all that the weather can throw at it and it is our primary protector against the elements. When problems occur on our roof they may not be readily detectable because it isn’t always convenient to climb up on the roof and provide a full inspection. But there are signs that one can observe from the ground that will indicate whether there are problems on the roof through a visual inspection. A quick glance at the eavestrough will bring the obvious to light. If you see debris protruding above the channel that indicates the eavestrough isn’t draining water to the downspout and an eavestrough replacement in Chatham-Kent could be the solution to the problem that you are facing. When water is spilling over the eavestrough it runs right on to the fascia and over the course of time the water will damage the fascia beyond its ability to function and a fascia replacement in Chatham will be the way to take care of the problem so it doesn’t spread to the other areas of the roof. The soffit is attached to the underside of the roof and it supports the fascia that holds the eavestrough to the side of the house. If the fascia has been under pressure from excess water running down on it, the soffit can be affected and wood rot and mold can be the byproduct of excessive moisture. When that situation manifests itself a soffit replacement in Chatham-Kent will stop the rot and mold and keep the other areas of the roof dry.

How the three components work and problems that affects them


An eavestrough is an extremely important element of any roofing structure because it moves water from the shingles to the ground through the downspout. The eavestrough is also open to potential damage due to the ‘catch-all nature’ of how it works. While the eavestrough catches water from shingles it also captures debris like leaves and branches from trees that may surround your home. When there is a buildup of unnecessary debris it will cause the water to flow slower if at all through the channel. A slight eavestrough repair in Chatham can get the water moving and prevent a spill over of water to the fascia and the side of the house. If leaks develop in the channels, depending on how large and how long an eavestrough repair in Chatham can’t solve the problem and a new eavestrough installation in Chatham is the next step to prevent further damage to the home. One of the biggest problems that an eavestrough can experience comes by way of the attic. When there is poor attic insulation in the attic, it allows for excess heat buildup in the attic. In the winter this can cause snow on the roof to melt and a heavy water runoff to move toward the eavestrough. As the temperature drops, the water freezes and that causes ice dams to form at the eavestrough and fascia. The dams force the eavestrough away from the fascia and it creates a gap between the house and the fascia and water runs right down the side of the house. At this point there is no sense repairing the eavestrough and a new eavestrough installation in Chatham is probably the only solution that will be appropriate under the circumstances.


When your eavestrough is sustaining damage, you can expect that your fascia is taking the same hit and it imperils the entire roofing system if not dealt with in a timely matter. The fascia covers the edge of the roof and it acts as an insulator for the trusses and decking that are important for the roofing system. If water is spilling over the rain gutters and the fascia has continuous exposure to water it will cause the fascia to experience wood rot and mold damage. In some instances a fascia repair Chatham can extinguish the problem if caught early. If not caught early, a fascia repair in Chatham will turn into a new fascia installation in Chatham in the blink of an eye. The problem with wood rot and mold is it lives in moisture, and while you think you may have cut out the damaged area, it may not be so and a return to the problem through a new fascia installation in Chatham may have to be applied to keep the damage from spreading into the roofing system’s interior.


As the eavestrough and fascia become infected by damage from water, wood rot and mold will spread. While the soffit may not experience the type of water damage that the fascia experiences, it does act as a conduit for the wood rot and mold through moisture transfer from the fascia. The soffit’s primary function is to bring cold, dry air into the attic to help regulate the temperature in the attic. If it is transferring moist air into the attic the decking and the trusses will absorb it and that will create a whole new set of problems. To stop the problem from spreading a soffit repair in Chatham can have a positive affect on reducing moisture transfer to a minimum and protect the other structural components of the roof. If the damage is extreme and a soffit repair in Chatham wont relieve the problem and a new soffit installation in Chatham can be the best response to the problem to keep the damage in check. A new soffit installation in Chatham is never a bad idea as moisture can live in wood for a long time and be released into the roof in vapour form that will splinter the decking and trusses through swelling and cause the roof to sag.


At AM Roofing Solutions, we have over six decades in the roofing business and we have been repairing all things roofing for many years. When you have a rain gutter repair in Chatham that needs to made we are your solution. If the problem is bigger than just a repair, a rain gutter replacement in Chatham can be accomplished in a short time with minimal effort.

Residents in the Southwestern Ontario community of Chatham can make arrangements for a consultation and free inspection by calling us today at 1.877.281.6900

Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Chatham-Kent

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