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Professional Certified Roofing Contractor in Parkhill

When you purchased your home, there was likely an understanding that maintenance and household repairs were inevitable down the road. Areas of your home, such as the driveway, windows and doors, foundation and roofing system will break down over time, and all of these areas will require the help of professional to ensure that the job is done right. For your roofing system, it is especially vital that you hire a professional certified roofing contractor in Parkhill, as this is the only way to guarantee an effective and long-lasting roof replacement or repair. Although a simple internet search will turn up plenty of DIY roof repair videos, the average homeowner does not have the training or experience necessary to guarantee that the job will be done right, the first time. And while it may seem worth it to save a few bucks initially, there is a great likelihood that the DIY repair will fail, causing far more damage than it would have, had you hired a professional certified roofing contractor in Parkhill, at the first sign of trouble. At AM Roofing Solutions, we have over 60 years worth of quality experience in the roofing industry, and we offer a wide range of services designed to protect your roofing system from top to bottom. As a professional certified roofing contractor in Parkhill, we have a reputation for excellent customer service, and our workmanship is unrivaled in the industry. The roof of your home not only plays a large part in the homes curb appeal, it also protects you and your family from the elements. Provide it with the care that it deserves, by choosing a professional certified roofing contractor in Parkhill, like AM Roofing Solutions.

Our Qualifications:

  • AM Roofing Solutions was founded by a Scottish immigrant named Harold Pearce. Pearce came to Canada only a few years prior to opening the company, with the dream of giving his family the best possible life. With him he brought an extensive knowledge of roofing systems, and an unrivaled dedication to hard work. While we may have grown slightly since our inception in 1956, we still remain a family-owned and operated professional certified roofing contractor in Parkhill. We also still offer the valuable ten-year workmanship warranty, that was introduced by our founder, all those years ago.
  • You can not stay afloat in the roofing industry for as long as we have, without possessing a stellar reputation. Over the past 60years, we have attracted the attention of many industry leaders, one of which is the largest roofing material manufacturer in North America, Owens Corning. They have certified us as a Platinum Preferred Contractor, a title that comes with many benefits. One of which is our unique ability to offer some of the absolute best roofing material warranties in the industry. This prestigious distinction is not given lightly, and we are one of only a handful of roofing contractors in North America to hold it.
  • When you purchase a roofing solution from a professional certified roofing contractor in Parkhill, you expect them to stand behind their workmanship, and the materials that they offer. While most professional certified roofing contractors in Parkhill, will in fact offer warranties of some kind, they are rarely in the same league as us, at AM Roofing Solutions. We offer our customers an industry leading 10-yr workmanship warranty on every job that we complete. In addition to this, we also possess the unique ability to offer our customers a 50yr material warranty, when they choose us to install premium Owens Corning products on their home.
  • In order to claim that you are a professional certified roofing contractor in Parkhill, you must adhere to the strict regulations as set by the province, and throughout the municipalities that you service. At AM Roofing Solutions, we are fully licensed to operate within all municipalities, and we possess all of the necessary insurances. This includes both liability insurance, and WSIB coverage for our installers. Our tradespeople have also received thorough training and certifications, as required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The roofing materials that we offer, are manufactured by the highest quality roofing material suppliers in the industry. We choose to offer Owens Corning fiberglass shingles, as they are proven to be highly durable, and long-lasting. They also come in an array of colours and styles for you to choose from. We also offer the premium installation of Inspire slate products, Certigarde cedar shakes, and Enviroshake slate and shake. Our cedar products are also approved by the Cedar Bureau. The materials that you choose for your roof, are equally as important as the professional certified roofing contractor in Parkhill, that you choose to install them. Quality, in both roofing material and workmanship, make the difference in you receiving a long-lasting roof repair or replacement, or a headache.

Having been operating as a professional certified roofing contractor in Parkhill for over 60years, we have had the opportunity to work in all areas of the roofing industry. not only are we known for our quality residential roofing services, we have also developed an outstanding reputation within the industrial and commercial roofing sectors as well. Whether flat roof or sloped, the experts at AM Roofing Solutions have the tools and experience necessary to ensure a quality job completion, regardless of size or shape.

We also offer a wide range of services, including: soffit, fascia and eavestrough replacement and repair, and premium attic insulation services.

The community of Parkhill is located within the municipality of North Middlesex, Ontario. This community is home to the Parkhill Conservation Area Trail. With many outdoor recreational activities available, such as fishing, hiking, and canoeing in the warmer months, as well as, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling in the winter this popular conservation area brings in plenty of visitors throughout the year. There is also a scenic campground located within the conservation area for those nature enthusiasts who need more than one day to explore the area.

When the residents in the area of North Middlesex need a professional certified roofing contractor in Parkhill, they know who to call. Contact AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.289.6900, for a complimentary roof inspection and consultation.

Professional Certified Roofing Contractor in Parkhill

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