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Attic Insulation in West Lorne

You want to make a commitment to reduce energy consumption through conservation, but you don’t know where to start. There are so many projects that promise instant savings and reductions in energy use, but many come with a big front-end investment that takes years to recover.

The fastest project to complete with the lowest financial cost is new attic insulation in West Lorne as a bang for your buck. Lack of adequate insulation in your attic is the equivalent of taking your money to the roof and lighting it on fire because you have limited or no attic insulation in West Lorne.

Energy consumption is top of mind for many homeowners and to reduce expenses reducing energy consumption will help, but you can’t reduce consumption without adequate attic insulation in West Lorne. Scientific studies have revealed 40 per cent of a home’s heat loss is attributed to no or shoddy attic insulation in West Lorne and that’s a fact. To recover the wasted money, new attic insulation in West Lorne is the only answer, as it will provide savings on your home heating and cooling bills going forward. The cost-recovery timeline is about 12-18 months, and the initial investment in new attic insulation in West Lorene shouldn’t be a discouraging factor. In the roofing and insulation business, the costs should be immaterial to the solution that will be achieved with new attic insulation in West Lorne.

Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, can be your guide, your advisor and your certified professional in all things insulation and we have provided strong guidance and advice for many years for those who take energy conservation seriously.

Attic insulation in West Lorne, a facts sheet

  • If you want something done right, hire a professional so says the old saying. Attic insulation in West Lorne is a project best assumed by seasoned, certified professionals. DIYers can do the basics, but when your attic insulation in West Lorne becomes complicated it could become troublesome and the installation can go awry, just like that. 
  • Certainly, we will all want enjoy a reduction in our monthly expenses through new attic insulation, but a bigger benefit for society comes into play as we reduce our energy use. When we reduce our fossil fuels consumption it is beneficial for the air quality of our community and small reductions by many will create a big impact for our environment.
  • Certified professionals installing your attic insulation will provide a couple of benefits that most people weren’t aware of. The first is a potential 50-year long warranty – depending on the shingles you purchase – will take affect and the warranty should see you through the time you own the home. The other benefit is that the warranty can be ‘sold’ with the house should it change hands and that is a selling feature that speaks for itself.
  • Governments big and small across the county are trying to do their part to stop the effects of climate change and provincial government of Ontario is showing leadership with changes to the building code. Currently, any attic retrofit that is performed by a licensed reputable installer must have a density rating of R-60 to be considered within the building code standards. This is beginning of sorts, but not the end. The new density requirements are the floor – when installing insulation it always better to use a little extra than a little less. It provides for more savings while reducing the carbon footprint of your home and that should make Mother Nature smile.
  • At first glance, you would think that adding new insulation to old insulation would decrease the amount of new insulation you need. That is not correct, insulation settles when it has been sitting for a long period of time losing its effectiveness because the air pockets that create insulation have collapsed. When we come to your home for an installation, we vacuum out the old insulation first, then install the blown in, loose fill fiberglass insulation. The process is very quick and takes approximately half a day to complete for a 1000 square foot attic.

Our loose fill fiberglass insulation comes from Owens Corning, an industry leader in all things insulation and roofing for your upgrade. Their signature product, EcoTouch Pink insulation is the best holding its’ for R-value and is made with 73 per cent recycled glass too. Owens Corning has been providing materials for roofing and insulation for the last 70 years, they discovered and developed fiberglass in the 1930’s.

Owens Corning has recognized our expertise and quality-workmanship in the roofing and insulation business, so much so they have provided us with a one-of-kind certification. We are the only Canadian roofing and insulation company to be certified as Preferred Platinum Contractor – and that speaks to the level of excellence we bring to our customers.

For the past three generations and the last 60 years our company has been at the forefront of roofing and insulation installation and not many roofing companies can say they have been in business for that length of time.

In Elgin County, villagers in West Lorne consistently reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions to solve their insulation and roofing problems. Book a no commitment, free inspection and estimate today when you call us at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in West Lorne

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