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Attic Insulation in Watford, ON

Home improvements come in all shapes and sizes, from a little paint here and there to a new addition to the house to accommodate a growing family. Most home improvements come with a cost that doesn’t really have a dollar recovery to it as the benefit is in the use or the aesthetics of the improvement. One home improvement project that can provide an important boost to your monthly budget and protect the environment in the process is installing new attic insulation in Watford.  For those who may not be aware, scientific studies have determined that a home heat loss is directly related to no or poor attic insulation – 40 per cent - of all heat loss goes right through the roof. Contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to have your attic insulation in Watford inspected to determine the best course of action for your new attic insulation in Watford. Once we have determined what the needs of your particular installation may be we will send a team of installers to your home to commence with the project. If no insulation present, we will install vapour and moisture barriers then blow in loose fill fiberglass insulation to help you conserve energy and save money.

Attic insulation retrofits can produce savings in the neighbourhood of 20-30 per cent per year and insulation works without the benefit of any other energy sources to provide continuous conservation day after day, year after year.

Truth to power, attic insulation in Watford

  • Our money doesn’t go as far as it used, so conserving energy through home efficiency should be a decision whose time has come. At AM Roofing Solutions, we can demonstrate how attic insulation Watford will help with the high costs of energy through increased attic insulation in Watford that translates in hundreds of dollars of savings every year.
  • When you have an installation of attic insulation in Watford, it isn’t a project you want to entrust to just anybody. A project of that magnitude is best performed by seasoned professionals who have years of experience installing attic insulation in Watford like us at AM Roofing Solutions.
  • A key benefit of installing attic insulation in Watford is the protection it affords your shingles and possible warranties that come with the shingles when they are purchased and installed. When certified professionals install your attic insulation in Watford, the shingle manufacturer’s warranty will come into force as recognition of the professional install and how the installation will protect the shingles. Excessive heat release comes from attics without proper or any insulation and it vents directly to the decking and to the shingles. When professionals spread a blanket of insulation they mitigate the risk of heat damage because they have the expertise to install the insulation as a blanket that keeps heat from rising. In many cases shingle warranties are 50 years, and the warranty can be transferred to a new homeowner should you sell your home.
  • The government of Ontario has made a commitment to protecting the environment and has released new regulations governing the installation of attic insulation as a retrofit for current residences. When you install attic insulation in Watford, the amount you use will be at a minimum of R-60, and that is the bare minimum. Before you rush out to your local hardware store to buy a few bags of loose fill, consider the following: what is the climate in your region, how big is the area I’m insulation and what is my lifestyle? Hiring a professional contractor like us will help answer those questions and provide value for your money when we make a recommendation.
  • When we come to your residence to install your new attic insulation, we will remove insulation that was previously installed to get to the barrier and begin the blown in loose fill installation of fibreglass insulation. We remove what is in the attic with a vacuum and with powerful suction any sediment or residue is removed so we can install clean attic insulation. Many times old insulation will have settled in your attic over time and it will lose its’ R-value due to the collapse of air pockets that form the basis for insulation. When it is removed we can get a better look at your attic and determine if vermin or birds have invaded your attic and if so we can provide a small repair before we start with the installation process.

There are many insulation products available that make all kinds of claims, some supported, some not so much. That is why we use the best product available for all of installations and that is Owens Corning Ecotouch Pink insulation. Owens Corning has over 70 years and counting, supplying our industry with all the best of the best roofing products and insulation. In 1934, Owens Corning discovered fiberglass in their R&D lab and have improved upon it over the years to the point now where 73 per cent of all insulation they produce is made of recycled materials, and that is good for Mother Earth.

We have been working with Owens Corning for many years, and in our business longevity is a milestone that isn’t readily prevalent as in other businesses. The contributions we have made in the areas of workmanship and expertise haven’t gone unnoticed by Owens Corning. They have certified our company as a Platinum Preferred Contractor and we are the only company in Canada to hold such a certification based on the excellence of our services.

After 60 years as the premier roofing and insulation company in Ontario, we haven’t stopped what has made us great – quality workmanship that comes with a 10-year warranty – we have only improved it with the help of improvements to the products we use. When you have insulation installed in your attic, don’t think about the costs, think about what the new insulation will do for your home and remember with insulation more is always better.

When residents of the bucolic farming community of Watford require attic insulation they contact us at AM Roofing. To book your free consultation and no-obligation inspection call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Watford, ON

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