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Attic Insulation in St. Thomas

Environmental challenges have created opportunities in the tech sector and they have responded to the demands of society for a cleaner world. A cleaner world means less pollution, while society moves to more sustainable energy sources to lessen our dependency on resources that need to be extracted from the ground. To do this, we have charged the technology sector with its’ greatest challenge to date and that is build a world that relies less and less on fossil fuels. The tech has responded with innovations that require less energy than their predecessors. High-efficiency furnaces and water heaters are now staples in every home, timers for lights have been able to cut the demand for electricity and electric cars are lowering our dependence on fossil fuels. For many people who are interested in energy conservation, our homes have become a lab of sorts for experiments in energy reduction with the help of the tech sector. Many people have retrofitted the windows in their home’s to reflect their desire to consume less energy and save money on utility bills. But the costs of new windows in some homes is cost prohibitive as the price of the windows and installation becomes a financial burden that many can’t bear. Over time, it takes more 15 years to recover the costs of the replacement windows and that is very long period for people who may not be their homes for more than 20-25 years on average. To obtain a level of energy conservation that is affordable at the front end and recovers costs and pays dividends at the back end, new attic insulation in St. Thomas is the only way to go.

Making the move to energy conservation is easy when you contact AM Roofing Solutions to provide your attic retrofit. Many studies have concluded that 40 per cent of a home’s energy bill is lost in heat escaping through the roof due to poor insulation. When you have contacted us for your attic retrofit we will attend your home to look at all the elements that interact with your attic insulation system. The first thing that needs addressing is the vapour and moisture barriers that should be present in your attic. If there are none installed or they are suffering from old age, we will replace these two barriers to form and air and moisture tight seal. The next step is to install the blown-in, loose fill insulation to act like a blanket to keep your home comfortable. The last thing we want to do is install a soffit. The soffit by itself is a benign piece of equipment that holds great value for any roofing system. Excessive heat is the mortal enemy of any roofing system and when excessive heat is released through the attic, the shingles bear the brunt of the damage. In turn, the damaged shingles put the entire roofing system at risk because water will be allowed to seep into compromised areas. The soffit vents excess heat protecting the roofing system and extending the life of the shingles.

When you want to engage in energy conservation with new attic insulation in St. Thomas, we can show ways that new insulation will save more and provide benefits that you may not be aware of.

The benefits of attic insulation in St. Thomas

  • Peak energy efficiency is an attainable goal when you have sufficient attic insulation in St. Thomas that will contribute to reductions in your heating and cooling bills. Experts’ tell us that our home’s het loss is directly related to a lack of attic insulation and that is money going right through the roof to the tune of hundreds of dollars a year extra in costs.
  • For experts in the field of attic insulation, like us, at AM Roofing Solutions, knowledge and experience is a given when we come to your home to install new attic insulation in St. Thomas. No job is too big, or too complicated for our experienced staff that has many years installing attic insulation in St Thomas and other communities with a commitment to excellence that our competitors wish they had.
  • Using certified professionals like us comes with benefits that many people aren’t aware of. When you use us, you should know that the shingle warranty that comes with the shingles installed on your home will become active and that warranty can stretch as long as 50 years in duration. Another feature of the shingle warranty is it is transferable should you sell your home, creating an attractive benefit for your listing.
  • The Ontario government has changed the building code to reflect the changing mood in energy use and conservation. They have instituted a minimum of R-50 insulation density on all new construction and attic retrofits across the province. Bare in mind, this just the minimum and the attic insulation you purchase should be based on a couple of factors. The first thing to take into account is the size of your home and the second is the temperatures in your area. If you are unsure about the right amount of attic insulation to purchase we can help with good advice.
  • While it is all well and good to have new attic insulation installed, one thing has to happen first, and that is the removal of any old stock insulation that may be present in your attic. We use state-of-the-art equipment to extract old insulation that is disruption-free for the occupants of the home.

Owens Corning is the industry leader in all things roofing products and they produce the best loose insulation available for consumers, which is their Ecotouch pink insulation. Owens Corning has 70 years experience providing quality-roofing materials to the industry and their reputation for quality materials is well regarded. For many years we have been associated with Owens Corning and they have recognized our commitment to the roofing industry by awarding us their coveted Preferred Contractor designation. The awarded is a reflection of experience in the roofing business – 60 years and going strong – and our commitment to quality workmanship and excellence that is a hallmark of our service.

When you shop around to purchase a roofing solution, don’t let the price scare you. A roofing solution should never be about the price, but what the solution does for roofing system.         

When the residents of Elgin County need attic insulation in St. Thomas they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a no-obligation, free estimate call us today at 1.877.289.6900.

Attic Insulation in St. Thomas


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