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Attic Insulation in Rodney

There are a myriad of home improvement projects on the market, the Internet and TV with every home handyman extolling the virtues of project that his sponsor sells materials for. A lot of times the host tells you can complete the project on a Saturday and will be easy peasy, well not so much. Costs and knowledge are two factors that can cripple any home renovation project, then, you have to hire a professional to clean up the mess so to speak.

One project that is a lesser-known home renovation project that can save money in the long run and not cost and arm and leg in the short run is new attic insulation in Rodney. 

Studies in the area of residential energy use tell us that a home leaks heat through the attic – a shocking 40 per cent worth of home’s heating budget goes through the roof. The reason for this excessive use of energy is simple; a lack of attic insulation in Rodney is the main culprit for this crime against the environment. Fossil fuels create greenhouse gases when they are burned for energy and excess of fossil fuels use causes unnecessary greenhouse gases to be emitted and that is bad for the environment.

Installing new attic insulation in Rodney will help you get a handle on out of control heating and cooling bills and the return on investment isn’t anything to be taken lightly. Conservative estimates put a home’s energy bill savings at 20-30 per cent per year, year after year, if you install new attic insulation in Rodney and that adds up to quite a sum over time.

At our company, AM Roofing Solutions, we have spent many years educating consumers about the value of new attic insulation in Rodney and the energy efficiency it will create in their homes. New attic insulation in Rodney will keep your money from going through the roof and you will be part of a movement that over time will improve the air quality of province with your efforts in energy conservation.

Attic insulation in Rodney, what to expect

  • For new attic insulation in Rodney to be effective it needs to be installed by a certified professional with years of experience. DIY programs tell us how simple this or that may be if had cookie cutter projects. But when it comes to attic insulation in Rodney the project could be somewhat more complicated than what you saw on TV or an Internet video and you won’t get the full value of your attic retrofit should you go in the self help direction.
  • Over time, thousands upon thousands of dollars can be saved on a home’s heating bills with new attic insulation in Rodney and it is akin to paying yourself for a reduction in energy use. Best part of that is the government can’t tax the savings you will achieve with new attic insulation.
  • Advantages abound when you have your attic retrofit performed by certified professionals in the field of attic insulation. The advantage is a potential 50-year warranty for shingles that activates when you use a professional. When you use a professional to spread you insulation across you attic, the installation in that manner will help reduce the excess heat that is leaking from the home through the attic to the shingles. If shingles are subjected to too much over a long period of time they will ‘wilt,’ and degrade quickly. Once the process starts, the shingles won’t meet the lifespan they made for and that is a problem. The shingle warranty has the ability to change hands when the home is sold provided it is in the warranty period, and that is a unique selling point that drives value in the property.
  • The provincial government has a made a commitment to all Ontarians to reduce greenhouse gases in the province and recent amendments to the building code lay out a path to achieve that goal. For any attic retrofits performed by certified contractors, they will be charged with the installation of a minimum of R-60 density for insulation. This is a good first step, but some other factors come into play when contemplating the density for your attic insulation. Let us guide you through the process that has determining facto like lifestyle, regional temperatures and a home’s size that will help make the decision an easy one for you. When you install attic insulation, more is always welcome, as it will increase savings.
  • To make a good attic insulation installation a great one, previously installed insulation will need to be removed. This is a necessary first step because insulation settles and the compression of the air pockets that creates insulation causes insulation failure. It is a simple process that involves a large, industrial-sized vacuum to remove it before we install the blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation. The whole process can take as little as three hours depending on the size of your attic and it is a very clean process that leaves no fibres or hazardous material behind.

We rely on Owens Corning to provide us with the insulation to retrofit your attic and they have he best product available for the application. Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink insulation is the gold standard for insulation as it holds its R-value the longest and contains the most recycled material of any on the market at 73 per cent. Owens Corning has been producing fibreglass insulation for 70 years, they invented the product in their lab in the early 1930’s and it has developed into the most widely used insulation in the consumer sector.

We have been using Owens Corning products for many years and our association with the industry leader has produced a venerable certification. We are now certified as a Platinum referred Contractor for all of Owens Corning products and the certification is the only one in Canada.

After 60 years and three generations in the roofing and insulation business we know where our success lies. Our single-minded commitment to quality-workmanship and dedication to excellence have propelled us up the ladder to the top of the mark and we work hard daily to hold our spot.

In Elgin County, the villagers of Rodney have been using AM Roofing Solutions for all their roofing and insulation work for many years. To make arrangements for no cost information session and inspection that comes with a free estimate when you call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Rodney

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