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Attic Insulation in Petrolia

There are many home improvement projects that promise huge savings through energy conservation. But many of those projects have a long timeline for the recovery of any savings and that can be frustrating when you have laid out a large sum of money and have to wait years for the payoff.

To get he most value for your money and achieve energy conservation goals, new attic insulation in Petrolia will return the most money in the shortest period of time. Many studies have concluded that a home heat loss – 40 per cent – can be traced back to no or inadequate attic insulation in Petrolia.

When you retrofit your home with new attic insulation in Petrolia, the savings can be a bonanza on your home’s budget. When new insulation is installed savings can range from 20-30 per cent per year and the best part of new attic insulation in Petrolia is it needs no energy source to function and it works all day everyday, week after week and year after year to provide savings and help mitigate a home’s release of greenhouse gases through energy use. To make the most of your hard earned dollars, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions for a professional assessment of your attic insulation in Petrolia.

We will come to your home, tour your attic and make recommendations that will help improve your energy efficiency through new attic insulation in Petrolia that will have a lasting effect though the reduction of your home’s carbon footprint.

When we tour your attic and see no insulation present, it will be a simple job of installing moisture and vapour barriers then we will install blown in loose fill fiberglass insulation to add a blanket of comfort to your home.

Attic insulation in Petrolia, just the facts

  • It is not often we can say we pay ourselves though savings on our home’s financial budget, but when you install new attic insulation in Petrolia in effect that is what you are doing. Many customers have saved a lot of money every year through and attic retrofit that new insulation in Petrolia is and over many years it turns into the kind of money that means something to a homeowner.
  • As a recognized industry leader in roofing and attic insulation, we at AM Roofing Solutions are imminently qualified to install your new attic insulation in Petrolia based on our expertise and workmanship. All of our installers are certified as experts in the field of roofing and insulation installation and our professionalism is one of the keys to our success.
  • Heat buildup in your attic can be very troublesome if not dealt with in a timely manner. Prolonged exposure to heat release can cause damage to the decking and to the shingles if the problem isn’t solved. When heat hits the shingles it causes them to crack, curl and chip, inhibiting their ability to move water off the roof. Adequate attic insulation will reduce the heat release to the roofing structure and provide an insurance policy of sort for the shingles. Another benefit of attic insulation that is professional installed is that any warranties for the shingles that come the manufacturer become active. Depending on the product used for the shingle installation, the warranty can be 50 years long and the warranty can be transferred should the house be sold before the warranty expires.
  • In Ontario, new building code regulations have come into force for attic insulation retrofits to reflect the government’s commitment to mitigation of climate change. The new regulations found in the building require any retrofit to be a minimum density rating at R-60. While any insulation is better than no insulation, before you buy any insulation there a few conditions to take into consideration. A home’s size, the lifestyle you lead and the climate in your area will all have an influence on the amount of insulation you purchase for your retrofit.
  • If you have had insulation installed in the past or the home you purchased came with attic insulation, it will have to be removed. Most insulation products over 10 years old are considered obsolete and over the course of time have settled and lost the air pockets necessary for attic insulation to work. To remove it, we use a vacuum system that removes all evidence of the previous insulation and leaves no sediment or residue. Before we install the new insulation we can look at the attic as a whole to determine if there is any damage from vermin or birds and make any repairs that the infestation may have caused. Another benefit of the removal is it gives out installers a chance to look at the soffits and roof vents to make sure they are drawing cool air and venting warm air to keep your attic at a relative temperature.

When shopping around for insulation there are many products on that retailers sell that will perform to a certain level but none can rival Owens Corning. Their Ecotouch Pink fiberglass insulation is the only product we install as it performs the best and last the longest of any product on the market. It also the greenest insulation on the market – it is made with 73 per cent recycled fibres and that uses less energy and materials which is good for our environment.

Our association with Owens Corning is a long and storied relationship built on excellence and expertise that unsurpassed in our industry. Our relationship with Owens Corning has produced a significant certification that is a one-of-a-kind in Canada, we are certified as the only Platinum Preferred for Owens Corning products north of the 49th parallel and that is coveted certification in our business.

With more than 60 years and counting in our industry, our prestige in the business is built on quality workmanship that comes with a 10-year warranty and commitment to excellence for all our customers.

When residents in Canada’s Victorian Oil Town of Petrolia require new attic insulation they contact AM Roofing. To book your free consultation and no-obligation inspection call our office today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Petrolia

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